Key Progression for Franchisees

There has never been a more attractive time to buy into a franchise in the UK. Despite economic turbulence in other industries, the franchise market continues to grow and stay strong.

For those who have already entered the franchise industry and are enjoying the sustained benefits of owning a franchise, growth does not have to stop. Once established, franchisees have the option to expand and grow their business empire.

At Esquires Coffee, our coffee franchise includes the opportunity to become a regional developer and enter into our uniquely designed and successful regional franchise programme. This key progression, combined with our support, can help our franchise owners build a thriving network of profitable cafes.

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Getting Started

One way to begin a journey into regional franchise development is to enter the company as a franchisee. Once established, the franchisee will have extensive knowledge on the company’s brand, values and structure. As the initial outlet becomes established, the franchisee can be given the opportunity to expand and develop by becoming a master franchisor / regional developer.

What is a Regional Franchise?

A regional franchise licence gives the holder exclusive ownership of a territory. In a particular territory, the regional developer possesses the rights to open multiple outlets within the area. There are two ways a master franchisor may want to increase the number of outlets, either by the setting up of franchised stores or by procuring candidates to sub-franchise. With the support of the franchise, the developer is responsible for the setup of sub-franchises which may include business strategy, training, management advice and procurement. Esquires Coffee offers unparalleled guidance and support to all of its regional developers.

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Franchisor’s Responsibilities

The British Franchise Association defines the UK’s only recognised code of practice for ethical franchising. Members of the bfa are required to follow a code of conduct, protecting its franchisees from unethical actions.

Development of a Territory

As a regional developer/master franchisor, you will agree on a particular area or region within the franchise which will become your territory exclusively. A specific advantage a developer has is extensive knowledge of their territory. This allows them to identify areas in which maximum growth can be achieved. Furthermore, these will benefit from the development of key skills and increased revenue from successful franchise outlets. 

Enhancement of Skills

A principal area of development for regional licence holders is the enhancement and learning of new and existing skills. With the training and support of the franchisor, the developer will procure extensive skills including marketing, management, communications and strategy. Not only will these skills increase the efficiency and profitability of the regional franchise but will also provide an excellent mentor for the new and existing sub-franchisees.

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Master Your Time

With hard work and determination, master franchisors have the opportunity to change their lives and enjoy the benefits of being their own boss. Recent research shows more young people are getting into franchising, allowing them to drive their success and profitability into a future of management. Such a career enables master franchisors to manage their own time and enjoy a positive work-life balance.

Are you an existing Esquires Coffee franchisee or business owner looking to grow your business and expand your horizons? Contact us for more details on becoming a regional licence holder. We can also provide coffee franchise information for those wanting to enter into our global coffee chain franchise that values people, individuality and great coffee.

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