Our Ethos

Responsible, Quality Coffee That You Love

We are keenly aware that we have a dual responsibility; to you, our customers, and to the hardworking farmers who produce the coffee beans we proudly serve, and you get to enjoy.

This responsibility means putting people first and only serving organic and Fairtrade coffee that ensures coffee farmers are paid fairly. Serving responsible coffee helps support and preserve the farming communities and their environment, ensuring they can continue thriving for generations to come.

We want to reflect this responsibility we have to our planet and its people in our stores, so along with responsibly sourced coffee, our cups are fully compostable and 100% recyclable.

Organic Coffee

Our coffee is 100% organic – but what do we mean by this?

All Esquires coffee is grown using century-old traditional farming methods. This means no chemicals are used; in fact, much of our coffee is cleverly grown as part of the existing ecosystem, so no land is damaged.

This might mean that our coffee takes a little longer to grow, but that’s no sacrifice when we know it’s being produced as it always has and should be, with minimal impact to the local environment and communities.

And doesn’t coffee taste all the better when you know the journey it’s been on and that it’s been grown with the utmost care?

Fairtrade Certified Coffee

Fairtrade puts people, not products, at the forefront, something that is at the core of what we believe a good coffee business should embrace. So, it’s non-negotiable that all our coffee is Fairtrade.

Before Fairtrade, the exploitation of vulnerable small-hold farmers was rife, but a Fairtrade certification means that farmers retain control and a guaranteed minimum price for their products. This ensures coffee farmers get an equitable trade for their quality coffee.

Sustainable & Ethically-Sourced Coffee

We source our coffee from farming cooperatives from around the world; from Honduras to Ethiopia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, there are numerous farms that help us bring the best cup of coffee straight to you.

We work closely with many of our suppliers, aiming to ensure the wellbeing of our farming communities and their natural resources is preserved.

One of our closest farming relationships is with Omar Rodriguez from the Capucas Cooperative in Southwest Honduras. Over the years, we’ve got to know Omar and his farm pretty well, seeing first-hand how an ethical and responsible approach to coffee has had a positive impact.

Omar co-founded the Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada, a group that promotes the growth of quality coffee while protecting the delicate local environment. The cooperative provides training and technical assistance to coffee farmers to support them as they adopt sustainable farming methods.