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Are You Looking for Franchise Opportunities in the UK?

The franchise business model offers entrepreneurs a surefire path to success. And what better industry to join than the ever-growing, ever-popular coffee shop industry?

Why Invest in an Esquires Coffee Shop?

Interested in finding out more? Take a closer look at Esquires Coffee franchising opportunities in your area to learn about the partnership we can offer.

The UK coffee industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the retail industry with impressive turnovers, a loyal customer base and continued growth.

Over the next ten years, we expect to see the growth of branded chains and artisan coffee shops continue to rise, making joining the industry a high-reward investment.

Why Are Coffee Shops so Popular?

How can we be sure it’s such a great investment? Well, the incredible popularity of coffee shops certainly doesn’t hurt.

Our loyal customers love visiting our stores time and time again. Why? The simple answer; people love coffee, but a good coffee shop experience is now much more than a tasty brew!

Nowadays, customers are seeking social spaces with great ambience. They want a place where they can relax, work and sit back with delicious food and drink – all something our Esquires coffee shops provide.

How Profitable are Coffee Shop Businesses?

This all sounds great, but you might be wondering about the reality of opening a coffee shop franchise and the kind of profit you can expect.

Coffee shop businesses have a high-profit margin and low stock costs, so when done right, coffee shops can be very profitable, making them an undeniably good business opportunity.

Joining a coffee franchise is a great way to ensure your business is a success from the start, as you’ll benefit from market expertise and the backing of an established brand.

What is the Best Coffee Franchise to Own?

So you know you want to take a step into the coffee industry, but who do you partner with to ensure your journey is as worthwhile as possible?

About Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee is a leading coffee franchise that has been paving the way for ethical and sustainable coffee stores for over 25 years.

Each of our stores is unique and embraces that independent spirit that keeps customers coming back for more. Serving ethical, quality coffee with a focus on the people and planet is at the heart of what we do.


Why Buy an Esquires Coffee Franchise?

We’ve been honing our craft for many years, so are well acquainted with the ins and outs of the coffee market. This means we can pass on that valuable knowledge to our franchisees, supporting them to flourish.

As an Esquires Coffee franchise partner, you’ll be part of a well-established brand that values becoming a much-loved part of the local community, benefiting from the buying power and customer loyalty of a chain.

Understanding the Modern Coffee Consumer

We understand what the modern coffee consumer is looking for, so we can cater to their needs and continue building their loyalty.

Today’s coffee shop goer not only seeks great tasting coffee but is also interested in supporting an organisation that prioritises Fairtrade, ethically sourced and sustainable products.

What Support Do You Get as an Esquires Franchise Partner?

Along with our market expertise, you’ll have access to a management structure that is robust, creative and delivers results. We offer a bespoke solution and support network for every partner’s needs, including:

  • Full training
  • Site selection and procurement
  • Lease negotiation
  • Store design
  • Marketing
  • Consistent, ongoing support

We’re dedicated to staying on top – and keeping you there, too!

For more information about franchising with us, head over to our coffee shop franchise frequently asked questions.

How Can You Become an Esquires Coffee Franchise Partner?

Think you have what it takes to become one of our Esquires franchise partners?

Our partners must not only have the necessary financial qualifications, but they must also have what it takes to motivate a team, sustain a strong work ethic and provide a track record of success with plenty of entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

We understand that the cost of a UK coffee shop franchise is one of the primary concerns prospective franchisees will have. However, many will be surprised by how affordable an Esquires Coffee shop franchise is compared to other UK franchise business opportunities.

Franchise Opportunities Available Here

If you’re someone who embraces the Esquires community ethos and is ready to turn a coffee shop into the heart of the neighbourhood, start your franchising journey now!

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