Single Store Franchise Opportunities

Want to take on a new challenge and put your entrepreneurial skills into action? Investing in a franchise offers the perfect opportunity to run your own business without the risks of a start-up, leading to a faster path to profitability.

A single unit franchise is the ideal place to start if you’re thinking about buying a franchise. At Esquires Coffee, we are currently offering various single store coffee franchises across the UK. So, if you want to reap the rewards of an ethical, independent-feel coffee shop with the support of an established brand, now’s your chance!

Why Invest in the Coffee Shop Industry?

The coffee shop industry has experienced impressive growth over the past decade and shows signs of continued success. The UK branded coffee shop market is valued at approximately £5.3 billion, with over 10,000 outlets now gracing our high streets – and you could join their ranks.

The coffee shop industry is ideally suited to benefit from the franchise business model, offering partners a level of independence along with all the perks of being part of a globally recognised chain.

The incredible popularity of coffee itself shows no sign of slowing either. Combine this with the increased desire for coffee shops to be cosy, multi-functional spaces where customers can work, relax and socialise, and you’ve got a very in-demand business on your hands!

With a high profit margin and abundant opportunities for growth, investing in a coffee shop can be incredibly profitable, opening up a whole new avenue where you can thrive.

The Benefits of a Single Store Coffee Franchise

Franchising consistently delivers better, faster and more reliable results than an independent start-up, giving you the confidence to achieve your business goals. Single store agreements provide the perfect blend of support and freedom, setting you up for surefire success as you embark on your franchise journey.

Single unit franchise agreements are the obvious choice for first-time franchisees. A single store gives you the chance to build up your experience and get to grips with your role as a coffee shop owner. You’ll quickly learn the ins and outs of what makes your store tick and what it takes to succeed in your community.

If you want to expand your reach later down the line, we can also offer multi-store franchise agreements, giving you the opportunity to build up a number of thriving stores in a particular area.

Why Choose Esquires Coffee?

Since the inception of the Esquires brand, we have been dedicated to putting people and the planet first. This means providing our customers with Fairtrade, ethical coffee that not only tastes amazing but also has a great story behind it. And what better story than delicious, Fairtrade coffee sourced from farms where farmers and their land are treated right?

All of our Esquires Coffee stores have the look and feel of a local, independent coffee house. This puts you in the position to become a unique community hotspot while still delivering exceptional products with the consistency of a recognised brand.

When you buy a single store Esquires franchise, you will receive support in numerous areas to ensure your outlet starts off on the path to success from the very beginning. We will help by:


Once you’re all set, we hand over the keys, and you can begin running your very own business while still having ongoing access to our expertise and franchising guidance.

We’ve worked with a great many franchise partners over the years, helping them succeed at every level. On this collaborative approach, Martin, an Esquires franchise owner in the Midlands, told us:

“I wanted the experience and collaboration that a franchise offers. After looking at McDonald’s, I decided on a franchisor that was less corporate and more focused on a partnership approach. Getting the right chemistry and tone with the franchisor was of particular importance to me.”

To learn more about the process of becoming an Esquires franchisee and what’s required, please see our franchise FAQs.

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If you think you’ve got what it takes to head up an Esquires coffee franchise, we’d love to hear from you! We are always seeking enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to turn their love of coffee into something more to establish new stores across the UK.

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