Why Franchise with Esquires Coffee

Are you passionate about the fairtrade industry and want to be part of a fast-growing and reputable coffee shop company? In that case, you will want to consider Esquires Coffee; we can support you with our extensive franchise opportunities.

Why limit yourself to one store? If you are interested in advancing, discover the benefits of becoming an Esquires master franchisee with our regional coffee franchise licence.

Find out all you need to know about our company's ethos and realise the multiple advantages of becoming an Esquires Coffee franchisee.

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Who Are Esquires Coffee?

Aside from creating delicious hot beverages and incredible food, you may be wondering who we are and what opportunities we have to offer.

You Can Find Us Throughout The UK

Esquires Coffee is a fast-growing premium coffee and food business with coffee shops across the UK. With stores in Bournemouth all the way to Sunderland and across to Galway, each of our stores demonstrates individuality through our unique UK-focused franchise model.

We Are Socially Aware And Environmentally Conscious

Our customer base is socially aware and environmentally focussed, and we provide organic and Fairtrade coffee to those who want to make a positive impact on the planet.

Making the most of every sustainable opportunity, we have teamed up with Too Good To Go. The free app is an incredible business venture that helps our stores reduce their environmental impact by diminishing waste, recover costs and provide customers with deals on delicious surplus food.

For further details, take a look at how we are saving the planet with Too Good To Go.

We Have Plenty Of Scope For Opportunity

We are dedicated to providing extensive training, marketing tools, constant support and offer regional and master franchise licence opportunities to those who want to dream big and develop a whole region in the UK as the master franchisee of that specific area.

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The Benefits Of Franchising With Esquires Coffee

In the last decade, the UK branded coffee industry has created an astounding £3.7bn turnover. The coffee market is, without a doubt, an ever changing (and growing) industry, and is bound to attract the attention of eager entrepreneurs.

There are many advantages of investing in Esquires franchising opportunities.

What to expect as an Esquires Coffee franchisee


Esquires Coffee supports those who want the perks of owning their own coffee shop while receiving the support and expertise of a successful business.

We offer our franchisees extensive training, support and encouragement, all while ensuring any business decisions are thoroughly researched and reviewed before they are implemented.

Proven Business Model

Esquires is an established and successful coffee franchise, which means you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have chosen to work with a business that has a reliable, and more importantly, proven business model.

It offers a sense of security that is not available when creating your own coffee business from scratch. The risks that come with starting a new business are reduced as the setup has previously been tried and tested, meaning we know exactly what to do for the opening of future stores.

Our proven business model is especially useful for our regional franchise licence opportunities, where opening a series of stores needs reliable and expert input based on previous experiences of other stores.

Brand Presence

Esquires Coffee is an established and well-loved coffee franchise with a loyal following. You have your foot in the door when opening a franchise under our name, attracting our customers who already love our stores.

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Loyal Customer Base

We ensure our loyal customers are happy with our quality products and reliable procedures. We are continually enhancing our trusted reputation through schemes and loyalty rewards, meaning we welcome returning customers time and time again.

Success Rate

The reason why we can offer franchising opportunities to new entrepreneurs is because of our success. By opening up your prospects with our established coffee company, you are becoming part of a thriving network of respected and popular stores.

Regional And Master Franchising Opportunities With Esquires Coffee

One of the most attractive reasons to join the Esquires Coffee company is the chance to develop your coffee business into a master or regional franchise.

A regional franchise is a licence to a specific region, county or area. With the licence comes the authority to open several outlets and sub-franchise to other independent franchisees.

There are many benefits when investing in a regional franchise, many previously featured. For some more unique features of working with Esquires Coffee as a master franchisee, take a look at these advantages:


The area belonging to the master/regional franchise will be exclusive to you to develop at your own pace. This means that you can open stores and sub-franchise to independent franchisees, meaning you will not be in competition with other outlets in the same region or area.

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Assessed Locations

Any of our store developments are thoroughly reviewed before finalisation. Location and the compatibility of the area are thoroughly researched and reviewed. We support all of our franchisees from the start of the business venture, and throughout your journey with us, ensuring you always feel supported.

If you are yearning for the chance to run your own business while being part of a secure and supportive network, we want to hear from you!