Saving the Planet with Too Good To Go

Wouldn’t it be great if we could cheaply buy food and save it going to waste? Fortunately, this dream has become a reality.

As a leading coffee shop franchise in the UK, we are dedicated to providing services and products which work to reduce their impact on the planet.

We have recently partnered with Too Good To Go, which is an exciting opportunity for our stores to lessen their environmental impact by reducing waste.

We explore exactly how Too Good To Go have helped us to achieve this in our article below.

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How Much Food Goes to Waste in the UK?

Are you familiar with how much food we waste? Across the world, it is calculated that we throw away 3.5 million tonnes of food each day.

What happens to this food you may be wondering? Well, it is left to decompose. However, unfortunately, this doesn’t occur gracefully and without consequence for the environment.

How Does Wasted Food Harm the Planet?

As wasted food disintegrates, environmentally harmful gases are released, which contributes to the heating up of our planet.

A more shocking consequence of binned food is the fact that it also wastes the resources and energy used to create it, producing a second loss in food waste.

We all know that to grow food, we need space which means some forests and other natural and flourishing areas are destroyed in the process. As if this doesn’t seem destructive enough, imagine it happening for no constructive reason? Land cleared for food to be thrown in the bin? No, thank you!


How can Too Good To Go Help?

Too Good To Go aims to combat food waste and to enhance the social responsibility of looking after our planet.

It is an exciting app-based company which allows food establishments and shops to sell products which are about to be taken off the shelves in a quick and straightforward transaction.

No waste, no fuss but more discounted food; ideal!

By bringing together businesses and customers, it bonds people and brands in creating a more environmentally conscious and less wasteful society.

Its action doesn’t just stop at the app. It hopes to spread the message of less waste and attention to sustainability throughout our society; in places of work, schools, homes and even the UK Government!

With so much positivity for the planet in action and ethos, what company wouldn’t want to be involved?

A phone with the Too Good To Go app open

How Does the App Work?

Too Good To Go is a free app that sells surplus food. Customers receive deals on delicious food, and businesses can recover costs. All the meanwhile the planet is being saved from the wasted food. Sounds too good to be true!

Business can share on the app how much surplus food is available to sell, and customers local to the store can buy the food through the app. The food establishment will provide a collection time, ready for the customer to collect.

Customers receive a ‘Magic Bag’ which entails a variety of surprise foods which haven’t sold in time at a reduced rate.

A man carrying a Too Good To Go brown paper bag

Too Good To Go and Esquires Coffee

Esquires are now part of a growing network of businesses who want to take action against food waste and help support our planet.

Currently, 4,128 businesses are part of Too Good to Go’s social and environmental movement and Esquires Coffee are incredibly proud to be one of them!

With some stores still in the process of joining, we are excited for more of our coffee shops to join the app soon!

The app has already saved more than 1,129 meals from our stores! For a more pictorial understanding of what this means, imagine charging 359,960 smartphones… 1,129 meals is the CO2 equivalent of how much Esquires food has been saved using the Too Good To Go app! Impressive, huh?

An older couple sharing food from Too Good To Go in their kitchen

How To Get Involved

Eager to get involved? Simply download the Too Good To Go app and register for free! It doesn’t get easier than that. Join around 2.8 million users of the app in the UK!

Each meal saved helps the planet! Just one meal purchased a day by one customer from one store is the equivalent of two years of TV screen use in carbon emissions! Why not join the app today?

About the author - Jack Anderson

Jack has been working in the franchise sector for over 12 years and is our in-house guru on all things business! Jack is also a keen hiker and can be found in some of the UK's best walking spots on the weekends.