Responsible Coffee

After many years of delivering outstanding products to our customers, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about great coffee and all the ways it can be enjoyed.

While we’ve seen coffee trends come and go, we’ve kept our approach simple and no-nonsense – serving great-tasting, ethical coffee all day long!

You can be sure that every cup you enjoy at Esquires is Fairtrade certified, organic and delivered with no compromise on quality, price or convenience. We apply artisan care to every stage of our coffee’s journey, with immense respect for every bean we grind, pour and serve. So, with every sip, you can taste the love that’s gone into it.

For the signature Esquires taste at home, you can also buy our fresh, Fairtrade coffee by the bag. Next time you’re visiting one of our cafes, ask our baristas about the best grinds for your equipment and taste.

Fresh Food

We might be all about coffee, but that’s not the only thing our customers are destined to enjoy. All of our cafes offer a selection of fresh, delicious food that reflects local tastes and favourite bites.

We source our ingredients locally when possible and use like-minded suppliers who care for their resources and take pride in their products, ensuring you can choose from a range of things to complement your coffee!

From an on-the-go muffin to an indulgent cake, a speedy sandwich or a leisurely lunch, there’s something to satisfy everyone, with vegan and healthy options to choose from too.