Why are Coffee Shops So Popular?

Few businesses have seen the success achieved by coffee outlets over the last decade. We look at the reasons behind its rise, including its appeal to the modern consumer.

Few establishments have seen the level of success achieved by coffee shops. Once primarily seen as a stop-and-go location, coffee shops are now an intrinsic part of British life where many of us turn to for both working and social occasions. The UK coffee shop industry has seen growth for twenty consecutive years*, thanks to a growing audience encompassing all segments of modern society.

But how have coffee shops managed this almost unprecedented success in the modern age? Join us as we take a look at some of the reasons the humble coffee shop has become such a popular location.

A Relaxed Social Space

One of the primary reasons why coffee shops have become so popular over the last decade is their relaxed and open feel. This is especially prevalent when you compare this establishment to other competing locations, such as restaurants, pubs and fast-food chains. The coffee shop offers a uniquely calm atmosphere where people can gather with friends to catch up over coffee, have a relaxed lunch with family or focus on work in a relaxed environment.

Coffee Shop Popularity

In this modern world where the majority of our communications are online, there is a growing desire amongst people to create more personal moments in their lives. Coffee outlets offer the perfect meeting place thanks to their unique atmosphere and location in the local community, but that’s not the only reason why these locations have shot to success.

A cup of coffee with a teddy bear in the background

Coffee with a Conscience

An emotional foundation has always been one of the key successes of any coffee outlet. Our previous post on the evolution of coffee shops is full of iconic moments in its past where these establishments have allowed new beliefs to thrive, and that tradition still carries through in the modern era. While the ideas may have changed, the coffee shop remains one of the best places for passionate people to gather and discuss their ideas and beliefs, especially when the establishment mirrors those ideas through their work.

Ethical Coffee

The most successful coffee shops have a range of ethical beliefs that underpin their business and will promote these through their actions in the community and further afield. Here at Esquires Coffee, we are hugely proud of our ethical values that have been honed over our many years of experience in the industry and work hard to ensure that these beliefs are seen across our stores. By using only Fairtrade, ethically-sourced coffee and making sure we reuse and recycle as much as we can, our customers can feel proud to be visiting a like-minded coffee establishment that caters for and shares in their beliefs.

A Flexible Work Location

People are becoming much more flexible with their working hours in the modern age. The old-fashion nine-to-five working week is frequently being replaced with new patterns designed to appeal to the modern worker. People are now looking for much more of a work-life balance. This is why many people, particularly those with flexible jobs or self-employment, look towards the relaxed atmosphere of coffee shops as potential places to conduct business.

Why Coffee Shops are Popular Workspaces

A good coffee shop will create a warm, homely feel, yet at the same time create spaces where people can sit and work in relative privacy. This is why the coffee shop has overtaken establishments such as libraries in becoming the go-to location for those freelancing or working out of office, a growing part of modern society. Coffee outlets also make the perfect place for informal meetings and discussions, thanks to the relaxed ambience.

Two people on their laptops in a coffee shop

These are just some of the reasons why coffee shops have shot to success over the last few decades. With the UK coffee shop industry expected to continue growing long into the future, there are few opportunities as exciting as a coffee shop franchise in the UK. At Esquires, we help our franchisees create these special moments in their communities, so if you are looking for a challenge to excite you, check out our franchising opportunities today!

*According to Project Café UK 2019, Allegra World Coffee Portal

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