Multi Unit Franchise Opportunities

Do you want to find success in one of the fastest-growing industries? Esquires Coffee is perfectly positioned for long-term growth, and we’re looking for passionate and hard-working entrepreneurs to join us on our journey.

Esquires Coffee franchise opportunities give you all the perks of being your own boss while being supported by a market-leading brand with a loyal customer base – a sure recipe for success!

If you want to reap the benefits of becoming a successful franchise owner, apply for an Esquire Coffee franchise today.


The Potential of Coffee Franchise in the UK

Recent years have shown the branded coffee shop industry to be one of the most successful in the UK, with long-term growth expected to continue in the future.

Coffee shops can be an incredibly profitable business venture when done right. The consistent popularity of cafes and continued growth of the coffee shop industry means that now is a great time to consider investing in a franchise.


Invest in an Ethical Coffee Franchise

If you want to partner with a brand that has unwavering values and prioritises a collaborative approach, Esquires is the franchise for you. From opening a single store to buying a master licence coffee franchise, there are numerous great opportunities available to you.

We are perfectly positioned to cater to the modern coffee consumer and understand they want to support a brand that shares their values.

Our ethos is clear; we only serve sustainable, ethical and Fairtrade coffee that doesn’t negatively impact the farmers that grow it or their land.

We are hugely proud of the ethical, premium coffee served in our stores and know that our franchise partners would settle for nothing less.

Esquires Coffee Multi-Store Franchise Opportunities

Our multi-store coffee franchise opportunities are ideal for partners with a track record of success and want to delve into a chance for further growth. Our franchising program supports those with passion and a strong work ethic by providing tangible opportunities to expand upon their success.

As with our single-store franchising opportunities, we will offer support throughout the process, helping with things like:

  • Selecting each location for your stores.
  • Designing and project managing store design.
  • Full training and support for you and your staff.

We love seeing our franchise partners thrive and are always on-hand to ensure they continue to grow and harness new opportunities. Martin, a multi-store franchise owner with Esquires Coffee, says:

“Esquires involve me in two-way conversations, ranging from store performance to new initiatives. We can tailor-fit solutions that work to the unique requirements of my stores in their different towns and locations. Esquires has a great place within this sector, and I definitely see more stores opening.”

Check out our coffee franchise frequently asked questions to learn more about franchising with us.

For even more information and a look into the latest coffee industry trends, head over to the Esquires Coffee blog.