What to Expect from a Regional Master Franchise?

Franchising in the UK is a steadily growing and increasingly well-performing industry, and in 2018, 93% of franchisees reported profitability. Even after lockdown, franchise growth is expected to increase by around 2%.

Esquires Coffee offers a competitive and fantastic opportunity for regional master franchises throughout the UK. We explain the ins and outs of a regional franchise licence below.

What is a Master or Franchise Licence?

When entering into a franchise (becoming a franchisee), you are presented with two options. The first is to open a single franchised outlet. From here, you can reap the benefits of a franchise and either stick with one or choose to expand later on. The other option is to buy into a regional master franchise.

Put simply, a regional master (or franchise) licence allows a franchisee to have full exclusivity of a territory and open multiple outlets in one go. While each franchisor will handle things differently, the following article explains what you can expect from a regional master licence.

The franchise business model explained


From the very beginning, a good franchisor should provide you with all the information necessary to help you make your decision. While being a worthy investment, it is still essential to ensure that you are making the right choice. From this point, you can establish the level of support, training and contact your franchisor will offer you.

Furthermore, a reputable franchisor will have already conducted locational research, meaning your territory will have been assessed for its compatibility before you invest. Esquires Coffee chain UK offers a high level of quality support to its master regional franchisees from the start-up, with continued support throughout.

A Proven Business Model

After the initial process is complete, it will be time to either open a series of outlets or recruit potential new franchisees to open stores. One of the benefits of running a regional master franchise is that you will be profiting from a proven business model.

Buying into a successful franchise means many of the risks of starting a business are taken away as the setup is tried and tested and previous issues have been addressed. Moreover, you will benefit from the already established brand awareness.

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Develop Management Skills

As you begin to open and manage more outlets and develop your territory, you will be further developing your business and management skills. If you are recruiting franchisees for individual outlets, you will need people and sales skills.

As your network grows, you must ensure that each outlet is staffed, running smoothly and achieving profitability. With top organisational skills, doing this will mean you are in control of your schedule. Furthermore, your responsibilities as a regional developer will be to market the business and area in order to recruit additional franchisees.

What to expect as an Esquires Coffee franchisee

Explore New Locations for Outlets

As the regional master franchisor of a territory, it will be your responsibility to develop extensive local knowledge to identify potential new locations for stores.

A reputable franchise will assist you when assessing new areas, but ultimately, it will be up to you to decide. Things to consider when selecting a new location are:

  • How accessible is it?
  • What is footfall like? You can assess the outlet’s visibility from the street, whether it’s on a busy high street or in a popular shopping centre.
  • What are the demographics of the area?
  • What other businesses are nearby? Are there lots of competitors? It can also be wise to inspect the quality of surrounding companies. If they are popular and reputable, this will aid footfall.

Another question to keep in mind: are there any planned construction projects locally? It can be a perceptive decision to open an outlet in an area where extensive development is planned. While the footfall of the site may be initially quiet, this may mean rental rates will be cheaper. Once complete, the area will become much busier.

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With a regional master franchise license, expansion comes naturally. In addition, developing a franchise strengthens the brand and, as a result, improves the profitability of outlets. A successful franchise can expect to see a faster growth rate when compared to independent start-ups.

If you are an investor and are ready to make a life-enhancing business decision, Esquires Coffee offers a regional franchise licence. A well-established brand, Esquires Coffee offers tremendous buying power paired with an ethical ethos and a sustainable business model, allowing you to create a successful and profitable territory.

We are now currently only offering master coffee franchise licenses in Scotland

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