Master Licence Coffee Franchises / Business Opportunities

Master Licence Coffee Franchises / Business Opportunities

Our master licence coffee franchise offers you the chance to develop a business in a specific area or territory.

Open to qualified individuals and businesses, a master licence coffee franchise is a fantastic way to achieve reliable profits in one of the UK’s most exciting and consistent industries.

If you want the opportunity to develop a network of successful coffee shops, apply today.

For more information on franchising with Esquires Coffee, visit our franchise business frequently asked questions page.

UK Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunities

Before the COVID pandemic, the branded coffee shop industry was one of the most successful in the UK, offering fantastic business opportunities for entrepreneurs:

  • Over 20 years of consistent industry growth.
  • Market value of £4.5 billion.
  • Positive future outlook.

(Statistics courtesy of Allegra World Coffee Portal)

Despite the challenges faced by retail franchises due to COVID, there remains optimism around the future of the coffee shop industry.

With coffee increasingly growing in popularity and people looking for new, modern places to meet and work, coffee shops are perfectly suited for continued long-term growth.

Why Choose an Esquires Coffee Franchise?

Esquires Coffee is a brand perfectly positioned to achieve long-term growth in the competitive coffee shop sector.

For many years, we have built our reputation around core brand values that can be seen in every franchise store:

  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Individuality

The modern coffee shop consumer wants coffee that tastes great and is ethically sourced, while they also want a welcoming, non-corporate environment where they can relax.

With a positive brand image and growing consumer loyalty delivering increased profits, now is the perfect time to join us on our journey.

“Esquires has a great place within this sector, and I definitely see more stores opening.”

Martin, a multi-store franchisee with Esquires Coffee

Our Regional Licence Franchise Opportunities

Our master licence coffee franchise programs are uniquely designed for the UK market. Suitably qualified individuals and businesses will have the opportunity to own and develop a specific area or territory, free of corporate interference.

When joining us as a master franchisee, you will be in control of building a profitable network of thriving cafes, either franchised or corporately owned.

As with all of our partners, you will enjoy the full support of Esquires and our dedicated franchise team throughout. We offer an ideal balance between business freedom and an experienced support network, allowing you to maximise your business potential.

If a master regional coffee franchise sounds like the perfect fit for your ambition, why not apply today?

For more information on the various franchising options with Esquires Coffee, visit our franchise business FAQs page.

Still eager to learn more about starting your own coffee shop business, or joining a successful coffee franchise in the UK? If so, keep up to date on the latest news in the UK franchise coffee business sector via the Esquires Coffee blog, where we will share regular insights, stories, tips, information and much more.