5 Advantages of Franchising

For many entrepreneurs, joining a franchise is the perfect way to open a business in a new market. Discover five advantages of franchising with Esquires Coffee.

Many people hold ambitions to start their own business, often as a way of doing what they love. The popularity of coffee shops has grown significantly over the last few years, and now many people hold dreams to open their very own store. However, starting any business from scratch can be incredibly challenging, and the same goes for the increasingly competitive coffee shop market.

Therefore, potential entrepreneurs are turning to coffee shop franchise opportunities like those offered by Esquires Coffee. We love supporting determined, successful entrepreneurs who wish to open their own coffee shop or invest in multi-units, becoming pillars in their communities by joining an ethically-focused brand. Franchising provides a range of benefits, especially to those looking to enter a market for the first time – discover just five of the main advantages.


One of the main reasons why people may choose to join a franchise is the potential for business support. This support can take many forms and will undoubtedly make the opening and running of your business much smoother than going it alone. At the beginning of the relationship, it is often financial, with things such as help with financing premises and other early capital expenses. However, long-term, the support could also be more administrative, as a larger organisation can help with issues such as labour costs and legal fees.

Here at Esquires, we support all our franchisees with the set-up of their unique coffee store, from finding the perfect premises to fixtures and fittings. Our dedicated business management systems will further ensure that you are prepared to run your store in the most efficient, profitable and customer-focused way possible.

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Market Knowledge

One of the most underrated advantages of joining a respected franchise such as Esquires is the potential knowledge that can be picked up from the franchisor. This point is particularly important for entrepreneurs looking to enter a new industry for the first time. By joining an established brand that has operated in the market successfully for many years, you will be able to learn best practices very quickly. This knowledge further increases the likelihood of your business venture being a success.

At Esquires Coffee, all our franchisees go through our training programme which provides all the knowledge required to make the most of opening your coffee shop. We also give ongoing support and updates to help you maximise your profitability, backed by our many years of success in the industry.

Increased Buying Power

Another advantage gained when joining a franchise, particularly here at Esquires, is seen in the contracts you will form with external suppliers. By being part of a larger organisation, you can see reduced costs and more favourable terms on the products and services you need to operate. This business support will give you a distinct advantage over the competition with regards to price competitiveness and profitability. All our franchisees benefit from favourable contracts with suppliers of goods and services, helping you maximise your shop’s business potential.

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Brand Loyalty

Another obvious benefit of joining a franchise is the customer loyalty that comes with the brand. Establishing a new business can be challenging, especially in a competitive market where people naturally gravitate to their long-preferred options. At Esquires, we have been developing our ethical brand for many years, and our franchisees benefit from the increasingly popular Esquires name. The brand name can bring much-needed customers through the door at the beginning of the location’s life-cycle, at which point your individuality can make them regulars.

Individual Freedom

This point is one that is often wrongly regarded as the negative of opening a franchise. In reality, when you join a franchise like Esquires Coffee, your individuality will be nurtured and given room to flourish in your very own coffee shop. While receiving support in critical areas behind the scenes, we take pride in allowing individual owners to leave their mark, turning their store into a thriving location in the community, whilst being on brand and making the most of it.

Franchising can be the ideal way to begin the career of your dreams, opening your very own coffee shop! If you are interested but want to learn more, why not check out the Esquires Coffee franchise FAQs or read our other article on what makes a good franchise owner?

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