4 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade Coffee

The Fairtrade label is somewhat ubiquitous in the UK, and many of us now recognise the brand and are aware of its causes. Fairtrade products continue to rise in popularity as the good word spreads.

However, further growth and consistent use of the organisation is needed to help protect the rights and welfare of the overseas farmers who harvest some of our most commonly used items. These crops include fruits such as bananas as well as tea leaves, coffee beans and chocolate.

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Why Buy Fairtrade?

As an organisation, Fairtrade aims to empower farmers, provide them with fair pay and ensure they are working in good conditions.

Fairtrade Minimum Price

The Fairtrade Minimum Price ensures that farmers are paid a certain rate, which is set to ensure it covers producers’ average costs. The minimum price is set to ensure farmers maintain a fair wage, even if the market price of their produce drops.

Why are coffee shops so popular?

Fairtrade Premium

Fairtrade Premium is money that is paid in addition to the Fairtrade Minimum Price. It is calculated as a percentage of the volume of produce sold, which varies depending on the type of product and region. The money is placed in a communal fund for workers and farmers to use in improving the quality of their lives.

According to their website, in 2016, Fairtrade Premium generated over €150 million in sales, which was given back to the communities.

green coffee fruit on a coffee plant

How Can I Support Fairtrade?

It’s easy to support the Fairtrade organisation. When shopping, search for the Fairtrade logo, which will appear on all certified products. When we're back open, pop into Esquires Coffee for your morning cuppa. Our delicious Fairtrade coffee is made to perfection by our highly trained baristas.

At Esquires, we're proud to be a coffee chain franchise that promotes Fairtrade and a sustainable and ethical ethos. If you're interested in joining our global brand, why not check out our franchising opportunities?

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