How To Attract Customers To Your Coffee Shop

Us Brits love our coffee, and it's no surprise that the UK coffee shop industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors not only within the UK retail industry but around the globe. While coffee culture booms across the UK, it's no secret that the market has become increasingly competitive, with so many wonderful independent coffee houses to choose from.

That's why we've made this handy guide to help you find new ways to attract customers to your coffee shop and make sure you continue to stand out against the crowd.

If you're looking to get into the industry and buy a coffee franchise, check out our frequently asked franchise questions.

Get To Know Your Customers

The customers that come through your door are the bread and butter of any retail business, but nowhere is this more present than in a coffee shop. While the food and drink served in your coffee shop should be excellent, customer loyalty extends further than the physical coffee shop experience, providing a social and emotional need for your customers too.

Through a warm welcome and a little bit of chit-chat, you can discover so much about your customers that could help aid your business strategy, from the items you put on your menu or the song choices on your playlist right up to pricing and design changes. By understanding your customer's personal values, you can build customer loyalty and identify which changes would bring the most return on investment.


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Provide A Memorable Coffee Shop Experience

The majority of people who visit a coffee shop are there for more than just a hot drink. Coffee shops are an experience all on their own. They offer people a space where they can work, hang out, and just enjoy themselves.

That's why it's vital for any coffee shop owner to make sure their shop appeals to a vast array of customers. Whether that's by serving a menu that caters to a whole host of dietary requirements or just simply by offering free Wi-Fi to all customers. Never underestimate the power of good customer service; a smile and a simple "hello" could be the only thing standing between a disgruntled and a satisfied customer.

That said, not everyone is looking for a good old chinwag when they come into your coffee shop, so having options like online ordering and click and collect can also help you to attract customers who are just looking to grab a coffee and go.

Coffee Shop Events

Since the origin of coffee shops, they have been a hub associated with community gatherings. With so many different people passing through our coffee shop doors, it makes the perfect place to bring a neighbourhood together and create a unique, thriving and interconnected community.

Hosting community events at your coffee shop is a fantastic way to create awareness about your coffee shop, attracting both old and new customers. From hosting charity fundraising events to networking events for local businesspeople, there are so many simple event ideas that can generate buzz around your coffee shop and help build a sense of community.

In addition to hosting events at your coffee shop, participating in events organised by other businesses can further raise your brand profile. Offering your coffee shop space to a local business or charity to host their event is also a great way to support your neighbours while bringing new footfall to your Esquires coffee shop.


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Boost Your Online Presence

While coffee shop success is very much dependent on in-person sales, having a social presence is a must for any business in the digital age. By regularly posting on a social media channel such as Instagram or Facebook, you can woo your usuals to visit again or entice a new audience to try your coffee shop. Using social media is a great way to promote seasonal specials or announce any key messages while building an invested online community.

There are plenty of ways that you can get online with your coffee shop, including:

  • Setting up a website to showcase your menu and opportunities.
  • Having dedicated social media accounts where you post regularly.
  • Introducing online ordering like our click-and-collect system.

When it comes to running any business, you need to be where your customers are. By having an active and engaging online presence, you can better connect with your customers and inevitably attract even more.


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Be Open To Suggestions & Change

So, we know how vital delivering excellent customer service is to attract new customers to your coffee shop, but how do we turn your customer's experience into positive change?

Through verbal conversation (both with your customers and your internal team), satisfaction surveys and social media polls, there are so many ways to implement your customers' suggestions. By listening to your customer, you can eliminate potential issues that could arise in the future. Here are three reasons why it's a good idea to be open to customer feedback.

Your Customer Will Provide an Unbiased Opinion

We pour our heart and soul into creating our dream coffee shop business, which means hearing negative feedback from our team, friends, or family can be hard to swallow. By listening to your customers, you will discover unbiased suggestions for your Coffee Shop from a unique consumer perspective - your customers are the perfect market researchers!

Avoiding Negative Online Reviews

When choosing which coffee shop to visit, it's likely your new customers will head to the internet and hear what people have to say about your coffee shop. By listening to your customers' feedback there and then, you can mitigate the chance of receiving any negative online reviews later on. Reduce the chance of any negative reviews by working collaboratively with the customer.

Monitor Quality

One of the best ways to outshine your competitors is to find any flaws and resolve them quickly. That being said, sometimes our weaknesses aren't visible to management or staff. If you can get customers to feel relaxed enough to tell you those things in person or by a survey, you are sure to be ahead of the game and have a seriously seamless coffee shop which will set you apart from the rest.

At Esquires, we provide franchisees with extensive staff training programmes so that they can train their managers to the highest quality. If you are ever faced with an internal difficulty, you can be sure to lean on us for the guidance you need to overcome these.


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We hope that this guide provides you with some tips and tricks on how to attract new customers to your Esquires coffee shop.

If you'd like more advice on how to create or maintain an outstanding coffee shop, check out our blog, where we explore a variety of topics to support you in providing the best coffee shop experience for your customers.