How Important is Customer Service?

The business environment is highly competitive. The quality of service you deliver in roles that include customer interaction, such as sales assistants and baristas can have a direct effect on the company’s position in the market.

Employees are the front line of your company, and if they aren’t delivering high-quality service to your customers, then this can jeopardise the perception of the company and brand.

As a leading franchise business in the UK, we take a look at what customer service is and why it is so important.

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What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the interaction between the consumer and the company’s representative when making a purchase.

In most businesses, customer service can be a vital factor in providing a satisfying experience and encouraging customers to purchase and then to return.

Types of Customer Service

Customer service could be face to face, over the phone or online such as email, reviews or social media. No matter the form of customer service, it is essential that the standard is high and remains consistent.

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Customer Loyalty

Delivering high-quality service can encourage customers to return and more importantly, make more purchases. Having loyal customers can significantly help with revenue, especially as they might spread the word and begin to bring friends and family.

It is Cheaper to Have Loyal Customers Than Attract New Ones

In addition to this, it is estimated that it costs roughly five times more to try and attract new customers than to retain existing ones. This clearly demonstrates how important it is to make sure that customers are having the best possible experience

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Positive Word of Mouth

As mentioned above, when a customer receives exceptional service, they are likely to refer the experience to friends and family. Positive feedback like this has the potential of bringing in new customers, essentially for free.

Esquires Coffee and Customer Service

Esquires Coffee offer training to all franchisees and their staff so you can be assured that you are delivering the best possible customer service to your visitors, which, in turn, should help contribute to your overall success.

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Improve Revenue

Excellent customer service will attract more customers, which will, in turn, boost profits. And, if customers are loyal, it will result in consistent revenue. Additionally, positive word of mouth can lead to more customers and thus even more revenue

Mitigate Problems

By treating your customers well and with respect, you can mitigate any problem that could potentially arise. Customer complaints are less likely to happen if the quality of service is excellent.

Customers Are the Core of All Businesses

After all, customers are the core of all businesses, because, without them, there would be no business at all. It is estimated that only four out of 100 businesses surpass the 10-year mark; this is a massive 96% failure rate, so you must keep your customers happy to remain in business. 

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Express Company Values and Morals

The way you take care of your customers also represents the company’s morals and values. Showing empathy and genuine concern for your customers goes a long way and shows you are working for something more than profits, that you value your customers.

Esquires Coffee strives to create a working environment that employees are happy to work in and will, therefore, want to provide outstanding customer service. We are also dedicated to being a sustainable coffee brand by supplying Fairtrade and organic products in all shops.

If you would like to become a part of this, we offer coffee shop franchise opportunities through out franchising business model.

If you already know that franchising is the road you would like to take, get in contact with Esquires Coffee today for more details. Also, why not take a look at our previous blog that looks at the key progressions for franchisees, so you can learn more about the future of being a part of Esquires Coffee.