What is Included in a Franchise Agreement?

There are so many advantages to running your own business as part of a franchise - by investing in the right franchise agreement, you can find the perfect balance of freedom and support. The leap to start your own business is much easier with the knowledge and experience of an established franchise behind you.

At Esquires, we're committed to providing franchise agreements that benefit our partners and ensure they see all the perks of the franchise business model. If you are passionate about all things coffee and community and have an entrepreneurial drive, buying an Esquires Coffee franchise could be the perfect business opportunity to turn your dream into a reality!

coffee shopBut how do you know which franchising opportunity is right for you? This will depend on a couple of things; like what you hope to get out of the partnership and what is actually included in the agreement you'll sign.

What is a Franchise Agreement?

A franchise is a legally binding agreement allowing a party to sell and operate under the name of a pre-existing business. The franchisor owns the brand's name and is responsible for the technical processes of the business. Their primary role is to offer the franchisee guidance and support with the business processes.

The franchisee then pays royalties and a fee to the franchisor in exchange for using the business model and brand name. The franchisee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the coffee shop, using the tools provided by its franchisor to create and maintain a successful coffee shop.

How much does a franchise cost?

Elements Included in a Franchise Agreement

What exactly is included in a franchise agreement will depend on the particular franchisor and the sector they're operating in. Most agreements between you and your chosen franchisor will cover things like:

  • Territory rights
  • Trademark use
  • Length of the agreement & possibilities of renewal
  • Franchisee fees & payments
  • Franchisor responsibilities
  • Approved suppliers
  • Advertising standards & expectations
  • Performance standards & minimum goals

Signing the Right Franchise Agreement

Due to the individuality of each business, there are a variety of franchising agreements available to accommodate the needs of each party involved. Here at Esquires, we offer three core franchising opportunities, including:

  1. Single Store Franchises- Manage a single premises.
  2. Multi-Store Franchises- Manage multiple premises in an area.
  3. Master Licence Franchises- Be responsible for creating a network of franchises in a chosen region.

Which of these agreements you sign will depend on your credentials as a franchisee and the vision you have for your coffee business.

person writing in a coffee shop

Single Store Franchise Agreement

For new franchisees, a single-store franchise agreement is the most popular type of franchise and is the lower-price option. This agreement allows the franchisee to open a coffee shop in one location within the UK, with the ability to trade and benefit from Esquires™ established brand name.

In this agreement, the franchisee and franchisor will have a close relationship, directly working together to ensure the business thrives. Often, the franchisee of a single-store franchise is also the store manager, overseeing the day-to-day running of the store and getting first-hand experience within the business.

Choosing a single-store franchise agreement is a fantastic place to start, providing you with the support and tools you need to launch your coffee shop business. If you want to open an additional store in the future, there is always an opportunity to build upon your initial single-store franchise agreement.

Multi-Store Franchise Agreement

For entrepreneurs who aim to open more than one store under the Esquires trademark, a multi-store franchise agreement is the option to choose. Multi-store agreements are particularly effective for people who already have a successful Esquires coffee shop and want to expand their business further.

Multi-store franchise partners will be responsible for overseeing multiple store locations simultaneously, so they are likely to hire managers to run the day-to-day tasks of the store. All multi-store partners will receive the same level of support and care as single-store holders but over multiple-store locations.

Regional and Master Franchise Agreement

Regional or Master franchise agreements enable franchisees to run several franchised stores in a specific region of the UK. This means entrepreneurs can build an Esquires empire and really make their presence known within a region. As a regional developer, you are responsible for growing your network of coffee shops across the region.

Regional or Master franchise agreements will receive the same level of business preparation and ongoing support as provided in the previous franchise models, along with additional specialist support for managing multiple stores at a regional level.

woman making a latte artStart-Up Costs & Opening Your Coffee Shop

One area your franchise agreement will certainly cover is the matter of cost - how much are you, the franchisee, expected to pay when starting up, for instance? Esquires Coffee prides itself on being a transparent franchising opportunity, meaning there are no hidden costs coming as a surprise to you.

Franchisors will make it clear to you what fees will be involved from day one, and depending what type of agreement you have, your start-up costs can vary. For a new Esquires business, start-up costs will likely include:

  • Property Fees
  • Store Design
  • Fixtures, Fittings & Furnishings
  • Equipment 
  • Inventory
  • Employee Training 
  • Initial Marketing & Advertising

Once you've chosen your franchise agreement and the initial steps are all in place, you will be on your way to running a successful Esquires Coffee shop, with ongoing guidance and security at each step of the journey.

There are so many reasons to choose an Esquires Coffee franchise, from being able to behave like a local coffee shop while reaping the security of a tried and tested business model, to the knowledge and emotional support of your franchisor.  Esquires are here to not only get your business off the ground, but to its full potential.

Whether this is your first step into the industry, or you're a seasoned business owner, an Esquires Coffee shop awaits you! If you share our passion for ethical coffee experiences, we have the franchise opportunity for you. Find out more about our franchising opportunities, or speak to our team today.

If you're ready to take the leap and turn your dream into a reality, apply today!