6 Life-Skills you Will Gain from Working in a Coffee Shop

A coffee shop job is a fantastic way to learn new skills and develop your confidence and ability to talk to people. Find out what other great things you’ll learn working in a coffee shop here.

Hospitality is a massive industry in the UK, and it employs over 1.75 million people. Anyone who has worked in the business will know how hard it can be, but also how uniquely rewarding and fun. A coffee shop is a work environment that is like no other, and it can also be incredibly beneficial, teaching you a set of skills you won’t learn anywhere else.

1. You’ll Develop Exceptional People Skills

First and foremost, a big part of your role in a coffee shop will be dealing with the steady trail of customers that come through the door each day. For some people who lack confidence, a customer-facing role can be a real boost and can act as a fantastic foundation to nurture people skills.

Dealing with Different Characters

The undeniable fact is that there are a whole bunch of different people out there, and while most are perfectly lovely, there will be times when you have to deal with unusual characters or unhappy customers. Fortunately, working in a coffee shop quickly teaches you how to adapt to these situations and deal with them efficiently.

2. You Will be able to Make Great Coffee

You might think that this is a bit of a given but having refined barista skills is a hugely sought-after ability in hospitality. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to properly create and taste coffee, which is a skill you’ll remember for life.

Baristas make pouring your beautiful latte leaf or heart look easy; however, it is far from it. There is a surprising amount of precision and skills that goes into making the perfect espresso and steamed milk.

image of coffee being poured with latte art

3. It Will Make you a Better Customer

It may not sound like a life skill, but being a good customer is just as important as being a good server. As soon as you’ve worked in the industry, you’ll find you have a whole new appreciation for others just like you.

4. You’ll Learn Loads About the Community

Coffee shops are often at the heart of a community, and when you work in one, you’ll discover so much more about the local area. From meeting the local celebrities to finding out the best places to grab a drink, becoming a part of a community offers endless rewards.

5. You’ll Learn How to Manage and Train People

It is likely that whichever job you end up in, there will become a time where you have to both manage and train people. Working in a coffee shop requires excellent communication skills which in turn, can help you to manage and train people more effectively.

Whilst working in a coffee shop is all about being part of a team, there will also be times where you have to lead yourself, which is a great step towards a career as a manager. Find out more about the skills you need as a coffee shop manager here.

Starting with no Skills

It can sometimes be tough to start from scratch. Luckily the supportive culture of working in a coffee shop means that it’s a fantastic place to start, even if you have no skills. A career in hospitality can take you to some amazing places; all you need is a positive attitude and great work ethic.

customers in a coffee shop

6. It Will Improve Your Financial Skills

Working with money all day means that your quick math skills will improve in no time. Being able to add and subtract effectively, in order to work out change, for example, is a surprisingly useful skill. Furthermore, you may be expected to use percentages to work out discounts, tips and profit margins.

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