Types of People You See in Every Coffee Shop

Over the past few decades, coffee shops have become a staple business on every high street across the country.

Be it independent or part of a franchise, coffee shops are now part of our everyday. With such a broad appeal, it stands to reason that you’re going to draw the attention of a wide range of customers.

That’s what makes coffee shops the perfect place to sit and people watch. Here we’re going to be looking at some of the most common types of people you see in a UK coffee shop.

The Hipster

While there are debates on just what constitutes a hipster, one thing we can say for sure - you’ll find one in a coffee shop.

Hipsters tend to know exactly what they want and they’re not afraid to ask for it. Not only do they know what their favourite roast is, but they also know where it’s from. Hipsters are often socially conscious and care about sustainability in the businesses they frequent.

So long as you’re serving fairtrade coffee and plenty of milk alternatives, you should be able to keep your hipsters happy!

Is coffee sustainable?

The Freelancer

Wherever you find a coffee shop in the city, you’ll likely find a freelancer typing away on a laptop. From writers to artists, coffee shops appeal to anyone who’s looking for somewhere to get their work down.

Since they work remotely, you’re bound to find one or more of them at a time in your coffee shop taking advantage of the free wifi and unlimited coffee.

A woman sat in a coffee shop with a MacBook and a camera

The Influencer

There are plenty of reasons why people order what they do, and when it comes to the influencers it’s all about the aesthetic.

Their tastes may range from a simple black americano all the way to the most convoluted spiced macchiato you’ve ever heard of. So long as it’ll look good on the ‘Gram, they’ll likely be satisfied.

A girl taking a photo of her drink with her phone

The Regular

Everybody loves a familiar face, and the same goes for our customers. There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what someone wants and how they want it.

The regular is a commodity that you should cherish - they’ve chosen you above all others to get their coffee fix and they’ll always ask for it with a smile.

A barista smiling while making coffee

The Couple

There are few places where love is in the air quite like with coffee shops. Whether it’s two near-strangers meeting for the first time or a committed couple just looking to enjoy one another’s company, nothing says love quite like coffee.

Couples can likely be found sitting opposite one another at your more intimate tables or cosied up on the couch and are some of the best customers you’ll have.

A couple holding hands over coffee

The Bookworm

Reality is optional for these customers. You’ll often find the bookworm nestled away in a secluded but well-lit spot. Hours could pass by and this customer will often remain in their own world until it’s time for a top-up or a snack.

Just make sure you’ve got comfy seats and you can keep these customers content for a good while.

Some reading a book at a coffee shop

The Tea Drinker

Contrary to the name, coffee shops aren’t just for coffee. In fact, we at Esquires have a few different hot drink options available, including a wide range of teas.

You can often spot a tea drinker ignoring the menu entirely before asking you what selection of teas you have on offer. Try serving your tea in a teapot with cups and saucers to really give tea drinkers that elegant drinking experience they crave!

A cup of tea

Coffee shops draw in people from all walks of life, making them the perfect place to bring people together. Next time you’re in a coffee shop, why not keep an eye out and see how many of these people you can see in their natural habitat.

If you’re still not sure what the fuss is about, why not check out our article where we explain why coffee shops are so popular?

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