5 Different Ways of Making Coffee

Since its initial discovery centuries ago, coffee enthusiasts have been looking for new and exciting ways to make the world’s favourite hot drink even better! And where better to start than with the perfect brewing method?

Whether you're looking to invest in a coffee franchise or are just a coffee-lover who wants to make a great brew at home, there are several ways to make your signature cup – we take a look at some of the top ways. 

1. The Drip Method

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make coffee is by using what’s known as the drip method. All you need for this is your favourite ground coffee beans, some filter paper and either a coffee cone or drip coffee pot.

Simply pour hot water over the coffee grounds in the filter paper, and the brewed coffee will drip into whatever cup, mug, or pot you have underneath.

For the best brew, use medium-fine to coarse ground beans and leave to brew for between 1-3 minutes.

A coffee cone with brewed coffee inside

2. The French Press

Invented in 1929, the french press is arguably one of the best ways to brew amazing and consistent coffee at home.

A french press is made up of a glass beaker and metal filter that works on a plunger. Add the ground beans of your choosing (a coarse grind is recommended) to the pot along with hot water and leave it to soak.

Once the coffee has steeped for about 4 minutes and the water has drawn out all of the coffee’s flavour, caffeine, and antioxidants, simply press down on the plunger and separate the grounds from the now brewed coffee.

For the best french pressed coffee, make sure you get your water temperature just right; too hot, and the coffee will taste burnt, too cold, and you won’t draw out enough of the flavour.

Someone pouring coffee from a french press into two mugs

3. AeroPress Coffee

If you thought the french press was good, then you’re bound to love the newer coffee sensation known as the AeroPress. Introduced in 2005, the AeroPress is a coffee brewing tool that’s perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to brew great coffee.

The AeroPress is made up of three plastic parts. There’s the brew chamber where the coffee grounds go with a filter and coffee basket underneath.

After you’ve added your hot water and left the coffee to steep, just press down on the plastic plunger and send the brewed coffee through the filter and right into your mug of choice. It’s that simple!

An AeroPress next to a jar of ground coffee

4. Stovetop Pot Coffee

Stovetop style coffee makers were first introduced in 1933 and use steam pressure from the water boiled in the lowermost section of the pot to brew the coffee grounds in the midsection. The brewed coffee then sits in the higher-most section of the pot and is ready to be poured into your cup.

This particular brewing method creates a strong, espresso-style coffee that can be quite bitter. Portable and durable, the stovetop coffee pot is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make good strong coffee without having to worry about replacing filter paper with every use.

A stovetop coffee pot

5. Espresso Machine Coffee

You can never go wrong with a classic.

Espresso machines have been around for years. They work by forcing pressurised, near-boiling water through a ‘puck’ of ground coffee beans and then filtering it to create a thick, near concentrated coffee in moments.

Espressos are what many true coffee enthusiasts refer to as ‘real coffee’ and are the staple component of almost all other coffee drinks.

When it comes to coffee, the possibilities are endless! With different brewing methods and a whole variety of drinks available, it can be overwhelming to know what works best for you.

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