Famous Coffee Drinkers

Throughout the media today, whether shared on their own social accounts or published in magazines, it is not uncommon to see a celebrity pictured with a cup of coffee in hand.

However, it hasn’t just been favoured in recent times by famous people. Originating from the 15th-century, coffee has been the preferred drink of many historical and famous figures. From musicians to politicians and writers to pioneers, coffee has been depended on by many for a daily pick me up or a habitual drink to get their creativity flowing.

Below, we take a look at a few from the past and the present!

Why are coffee shops so popular

An organ in a church

Johan Sebastian Bach

A German composer from the late 17th and 18th-century, Johan Sebastian Bach is famous for his extensive compositions, including the renown organ piece “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”.

However, he also created a piece called the “Coffee Cantata” which, as you’ve guessed, is based around the allure of coffee! A coffee addicted daughter is urged by her father to quit coffee so she can pursue a happy marriage. However, by the end, both the father, daughter and narrator sing about the advantages of drinking coffee.


Perhaps one of the most addicted coffee drinkers on our list, Voltaire (whose real name was François-Marie Arouet) was a famous figure during the French Enlightenment in the 18th-century and created a vast range of work including, poems, books, letters on history and philosophy.

He also drank a lot of coffee, and by a lot, we mean allegedly 40 to 50 cups daily!

Coffee beans on a white surface

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The German pianist and composer is mostly known for his musical talent in Western music during the late 18th and early 19th-century. His expertise is further praised as he was also notably deaf, with his hearing deteriorating at the age of 28 and completely disappearing by the time he reached 46.

A smaller fact about Beethoven is that he was also known for drinking coffee in a precise way. A bit of a coffee fiend, he would require that his coffee was made with exactly 60 beans in each cup!

Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington at the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the most defining figures in the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American activist and minister who dedicated his life to the campaign for 13 years from 1955.

Tragically assassinated in 1968, he was an influential figure who was awarded a Noble Peace Prize in 1964 for his non-violent approach when fighting for black equality.

He was also a regular drinker of coffee and used it as a reference to demonstrate how we are all connected in one of his sermons. In his speech, he stated:

We are everlasting debtors to known and unknown men and women. We do not finish breakfast without being dependent on more than half of the world … at the table we drink coffee that is provided for us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African. Before we leave for our jobs we are beholden to more than half the world.

A black cup of coffee on a wooden table

David Lynch

The American filmmaker and artist is well known for his darkly themed creations such as his TV series Twin Peaks and films Eraserhead (1977) and The Elephant Man (1980), he is not shy to express his love for coffee.

If familiar with his work Twin Peaks, you may recognise coffee drinking as a regular theme, but his obsession with coffee doesn’t just stop at his own love for it, Mr Lynch has gone on to create his brand called "David Lynch Signature Coffee."

Leonardo DiCaprio

Another individual who is in such a high appreciation of coffee that he has also started a coffee line is Leonardo DiCaprio. His company “Lyon” by La Colombe focusses on the creation of sustainable coffee where the proceeds are given to his environmentally based family fund.

A bottle of perfume

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the many celebrities who are papped with a coffee at her side. However, did you know she also created a coffee-based perfume? Yes, her fragrance “Private Show” was developed with iced coffee in mind!

Who are your favourite famous coffee drinkers? Why not let us know on our social media channels; we would love to find out!

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