8 Songs About Coffee

Considering its social significance, it is no surprise that coffee has made its way into many songs over the years. Music helps bring us together in so many ways, and while we’re not able to pop to our favourite Esquires Coffee shop for a tasty brew, we can still pay homage to our favourite drink!

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The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra

Sung by one of the world’s most loved crooners, Frank Sinatra’s catchy number features novel lyrics about there being ‘an awful lot of coffee in Brazil’. First recorded in 1946, the song’s upbeat tempo and lively trumpets are sure to get your toes tapping! Since its release, the song has been covered by a number of artists including Sam Cooke and Stan Ridgeway, and in 2014 it was used in ITV’s coverage of the FIFA World Cup that was held in Brazil.

Black Coffee – Ike and Tina Turner

The iconic Tina Turner sings for her love of coffee without milk in her 1972 song, Black Coffee. According to the lyrics: ‘Black coffee, (mmh) that’s where it’s at’. A year later the song was covered by English rock band Humble Pie and is one of their best-known songs.

Cup of Coffee – Johnny Cash

Another musical legend, in Johnny Cash’s not so modest back catalogue you’ll find this little gem. Accompanied by his usual Midwest guitar strum, JC sings about dropping by for a cup of coffee. The singer who is most famous for his hits such as Walk the Line and Ring of Fire is widely known as one of the biggest country singers of all time.

Coffee and TV – Blur

Britpop legends Blur created hit single Coffee and TV in 1999 when it reached number 11 in the UK charts. Interestingly, the song’s biggest success was in Iceland, where it reached number two in the charts. The accompanying music video which features an animated milk carton won several awards including best video at the MTV Europe Awards.

One More Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan

The song One More Cup of Coffee features on Dylan’s seventh studio album, Desire. In the track, his vocals are accompanied by American country singer Emmylou Harris and violinist Scarlet Rivera on strings. The lyrics: ‘one more cup of coffee before I go’ tell the tale of a beautiful gipsy girl who does not return the love of her admirer. The ballad was also covered by The White Stripes on their debut self-titled album along with other musical greats including Robert Plant.

Cigarettes and Coffee – Otis Redding

The soulful tones of musical legend Otis Redding resonate through his 1966 track Cigarettes and Coffee. Redding’s career was tragically cut short in a plane crash when he was just 26 years old, but he lives on through his music with some of his best-known tracks such as Try a Little Tenderness and his rendition of Stand by Me.

40 Cups of Coffee – Ella Mae Morse

While not her best-known hit, 40 Cups of Coffee reflects the classic mixture of jazz, blues and country that Ella Mae Morse was particularly well known for. The style was revolutionary in the 1940s and 50s with many saying that she was a massive influencer in the development of rock and roll.

Coffee Shop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

‘Meet me at the coffee shop; we can dance like Iggy Pop’ are the lyrics to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ 1996 single Coffee Shop, taken from their album One Hot Minute. Their following album, Californication achieved wider recognition and commercial success, featuring songs such as Scar Tissue and Otherside.

We hope you enjoy listening to these coffee tunes! We will be back as soon as we can do so. Always dreamed of owning your own coffee shop? Take a look at our coffee shop franchise UK opportunities.

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