Why Invest in a Coffee Franchise in the North East?

With a £9.1 billion contribution to the UK economy, it is no wonder more and more creative entrepreneurs are considering trying their hand at a coffee shop business.

A prosperous industry alluring budding business professionals, becoming your own boss doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems.

Instead of opening your business from scratch, franchising can offer a safer option for those hoping to run their coffee store.

In our blog, we explain the benefits of working with Esquires Coffee, and the coffee franchise opportunities available. We also look into why the North East of England is a prime location for potential coffee businesses.

A barista in a coffee shop

About Franchises

Franchising offers business and emotional security with a proven business model and a recognised brand to those hoping to start their own business.

If you dream of starting your own coffee shop business, becoming a franchisee allows you to take this leap of faith while being supported by a successful company. You are provided with an established brand (which already puts your foot in the door), all marketing materials and of course, expert guidance.

A Brief Explanation of Franchising

To break down what is franchising, and the processes involved, we offer a brief explanation below:

A franchise consists of two parties, The franchisee and the franchisor.

The franchisor creates the business including the brand name, processes, systems and trademarks. They often provide any marketing materials and advice too.

The franchisee will pay royalties and a fee to the franchisor in exchange to open a business under the brand's name (which has been created and established by the franchisor) and using the franchisor’s business processes and systems. By doing this, the franchisee becomes part of the overall franchise.

The advantages of franchising

Why Consider the North-East of England?

If you’re wondering how the North-East of England would provide opportunities for a coffee franchise, read our reasons below!

Newcastle in the evening

Well Connected

The North East of England is a region compromising of a network of four counties including:

• Northumberland
• Tyne and Wear
• Durham
• North Yorkshire (the northern extent)

Amongst these beautiful counties are numerous and prosperous cities and towns including some of the biggest names in the UK, such as Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Sunderland.

The area boasts three big conurbations Wearside, Teesside and Tyneside. A conurbation is a region that compromises of urban areas such as large towns and cities.

With fantastic train networks and connections across the area, it is easily accessible both within and surrounding the region. Any place within the region can be reached within a couple of hours. It also has some of the most sought after natural locations only a short distance away including the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Durham Cathedral

Area of Investment

Over the past few years, the North East of England has reportedly become one of the most promising areas outside of London in terms of introducing new jobs. In 2018 and 2019, the region was said to have provided ‘125 jobs for every 100,000’ working-age people.

The area has seen additional transportation investments from the government, including new and improved rail services. The developments are set to provide more frequent and substantial connections across the region.

A Hub for Activity

Outside of lockdown, the North East is a bustling and popular region which offers residents and visitors plenty of things to do.

The North East is filled with arts and culture, with an abundance of galleries and museums across the region.

A few include:

• Laing Art Gallery
• Baltic
• The Customs House
• The Beamish Museum

The region has countless places for live music and open-air concerts, the Sage Gateshead is a popularised music and education venue. Its premium theatre scene includes shows from Broadway too!

Destination for Retail

The North East is a fundamental destination for those looking for a bit of retail therapy.

The region is home to The Metrocentre in Gateshead, which is also one of the continent’s most prominent shopping centres.

The grand retail complex provides visitors with over 330 stores and a cinema complex. Oh, and not to mention its huge food village!

The area is also famously home to many fantastic boutique outlets and markets, attracting shoppers from all walks of life.

Hadrian’s Wall

Rich in History and Nature

As well as providing modern entertainment, the area is rich in history. It boasts one of the UK’s most renown ancient sites, Hadrian’s Wall which has been preserved from the Roman Empire.

But its historical offerings don’t stop there! Castles, gardens, parks and National Trust sites attract various visitors throughout the year too!

And did we mention its phenomenal natural sites, including its awe-inspiring coastline; the area allures all by its fascinating cultural, historical and amusing sites!

Attracts Many Visitors

With so many beautiful and unique sites to see, it comes as no surprise that the North East draws in the crowds. Some of its most well-recognised attractions including Durham Cathedral, the Angel of the North and Penshaw Monument are seen by over 150,000 tourists each year.

Astonishingly, the North East area was reported to have welcomed 2.657 million tourists in 2019!

The coast in the North East

Advantages of Franchising with Esquires Coffee

With so much on offer in the North East of England, the area provides lots of potential for those interested in partnering with Esquires Coffee franchise. We are looking for people that enjoy coffee, food and share our honest values.

What to expect as an Esquires Coffee franchisee

And if you're thinking of further establishing yourself outside of England, we are also currently offering master coffee franchises in Scotland. 

About the author - Jack Anderson

Jack has been working in the franchise sector for over 12 years and is our in-house guru on all things business! Jack is also a keen hiker and can be found in some of the UK's best walking spots on the weekends.