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Invest in Southgate's Thriving Coffee Scene


The coffee sector continues to flourish, offering entrepreneurs a lucrative venture. Opting for a franchise over a start-up provides invaluable benefits, including support and expertise from a long-standing and reputable brand. With the UK’s population growing, there is an ever-present demand for coffee shops.

Southgate N14, located in the London borough of Enfield, boasts a dynamic community and evolving customer preferences, making it an ideal location for aspiring entrepreneurs. The demand for coffee here aligns seamlessly with the sector’s upward trajectory, providing a fantastic opportunity for individuals to run a successful coffee store and be their own boss- especially when partnering with Esquires!



Opening a coffee shop in Southgate N14 offers a compelling opportunity for numerous reasons. The vibrant community and diverse demographics create a favourable environment for a prospering coffee business. With their eclectic tastes, Southgate’s residents often seek social spaces for relaxation and community engagement.

The demand for quality coffee experiences aligns perfectly with the vision of creating a spirited and attractive coffee store. Various local businesses, schools, and a growing working population contribute to a consistent demand for coffee. Establishing a coffee shop in Southgate allows entrepreneurs to cater to the needs of both residents and commuters, providing a central hub for socialising and caffeine enjoyment.

Southgate’s strategic location in North London positions it as a well-connected neighbourhood, within proximity to public transport links and major roads to the inner city (only a 25-30 minute tube ride away), as well as other parts of London – ensuring a steady flow of potential customers, including those passing through the area.

By setting up an Esquire coffee shop in Southgate N14, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to tap into this dynamic community, offering a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy quality coffee and foster a sense of community. Southgate’s distinctive charm, marked by its leafy streets and historical architecture, also contributes to a unique ambience that complements the coffee culture.

The area has a reputation as a family-friendly location, further enhancing the potential customer base, as families often seek comfortable and inviting spaces. An intelligently designed coffee shop, with the collaborative expertise of Esquires, can serve as a cosy haven for families, students, and professionals, fostering a sense of belonging within the local community.

With the right blend of quality coffee, a welcoming atmosphere, and community engagement, opening an Esquires coffee shop in Southgate offers much potential for success.


Investing in an Esquires coffee shop presents a strategic and rewarding opportunity within the bustling coffee sector. Esquires, an established franchise, brings a wealth of expertise, a reputable brand identity, and a proven franchise business model, making it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.

The coffee sector, valued at £4.9 billion, continues to experience steady growth, making it a worthwhile industry to invest in. Choosing to partner with Esquires ensures you can invest in a brand that values community, innovation, exceptional service, and great coffee!

Franchisees benefit from the extensive support provided by our knowledgeable team, ranging from site selection and design to marketing and ongoing training, to ensure your coffee shop business stays relevant, keeps up with trends, and continues to do what we do best – make excellent coffee.

This collaborative approach empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the coffee business with the proper guidance, while maintaining the freedom of being their own boss.

Investing in an Esquires coffee shop is more than a business venture; it’s a commitment to fostering a welcoming space for like-minded coffee drinkers to connect, enjoy quality coffee, and become an integral part of the local fabric. With a strong foundation, collaborative guidance, and a reputable brand, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to excel in the prospering coffee culture of Southgate N14.

Want to learn more about what’s covered in Esquire’s franchising agreement? Our franchising FAQs can help.


Embarking on the exciting journey of applying for an Esquires coffee franchise in Southgate is an opportunity for passionate individuals to dive into the blossoming world of coffee entrepreneurship. At Esquires, we eagerly welcome those who genuinely love coffee and want to start their own business in or around the Southgate area.

Start your coffee venture by filling out an application form. We look forward to hearing from individuals ready to embark on this fulfilling and rewarding venture in the heart of Southgate!