Why Invest in a Coffee Franchise in the South-East?

Originally famous for its love of tea, the UK has put itself on the map as one of the most significant coffee drinking countries in Europe in more recent years.

With so much potential for those who want to branch into the coffee industry, franchising is one of the most effective opportunities to reap the benefits of being your own boss, while receiving the support from an experienced network of business professionals.

With so much potential, we take a look at why you should consider franchising, the opportunities in the coffee industry and why the South East of England is a prospective area for those seeking a single or regional franchise license

About Franchises

We offer a brief overview of what is franchising, in case you're unfamiliar! 

A franchise is a license that usually consists of two parties, a franchisee and a franchisor.

The franchisor, in this case, Esquires Coffee, establishes the business and provides the processes, knowledge, trademarks and systems belonging to the company.

A franchisee is granted permission to sell the company’s products and services under the franchisor business’ name, systems and practices.

To do this, the franchisee pays a fee or royalties to the franchisor in exchange.

The Benefits of Franchising

One of the main advantages of being a franchisee is security. As a franchisee, you essentially get to reap the benefits of an already established business. You have access to economy of scale, marketing, a loyal customer base and a supportive network to guide you.

The freedom of being a coffee shop owner is paired with the emotional support and expert knowledge of the franchisor who provides a tried and tested business model. If you are interested to know more about the benefits of franchising with Esquires Coffee, take a look at our blog below!

The advantages of franchising

UK Opportunities in the Coffee Industry

In September 2020, the CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the UK received the title of the largest branded coffee shop market in Europe.

With 80% of coffee shop drinkers purchasing their favourite drink from a coffee shop at least once a week, it’s no wonder that the UK is fast becoming one of the main lovers of coffee on the continent!

Brighton pier at night

Why Consider the South East of England?

If you’re wondering how the South East of England can provide opportunities for a coffee franchise, find out below!

Large Scope for Opportunity

A defining feature of the South East is its sheer size. The South East is England’s third-largest region with an area of 19,096 km2. To accompany its vast expanse, it also boasts the most significant population, with the figure standing over 8.5 million in 2011.

The South East of England hosts a total of nine counties, including:

• East Sussex
• West Sussex
• Buckinghamshire
• Hampshire
• Kent
• Oxfordshire
• The Isle of Wight
• Surrey
• Berkshire

It is also home to seven major cities:

• Brighton and Hove
• Oxford
• Chichester
• Portsmouth
• Canterbury
• Southampton
• Winchester

Other notable and popular towns in the region include Reading and Milton Keynes.

The county is lined with a beautiful and extensive coastline, which spans beyond 300 miles on its shores.

With such significant cities of both economic and tourist value, it offers plenty of opportunities for a coffee business to thrive, whether welcoming tourists to the area, accompanying someone with a coffee on their daily commute or offering a place for friends to meet on the weekend.


Economic Hub

Located close to England’s capital, the South East is well connected to London, with regular transport links.

It is not only the home of commuters, but also, its vast landscape attracts many visitors hoping to escape the city. The area is inundated with various national motorways.

Not only does it provide excellent transport links to the capital, but it is also home to three airports including Gatwick as well as the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK to mainland Europe.

With such fantastic transport connections, its economy has become the biggest outside of London, meaning there is plenty of scope for potential businesses.

Attracts Many Visitors

The region is a versatile area, providing stunning countryside to quaint little towns and seaside villages, not to mention its bustling cities and connections to London. Visitors come to the region throughout the year, whether business or tourism-related.

In 2015, Visit South East England reported a whopping 237.9 million visitors. Over half of the £11.4 billion spending by visitors that year was sourced from day visitors to the area.

Its dry weather is also another major draw to the area and is praised as the UK’s sunniest region. Its coastline absorbs over 1,600 hours of sunlight each year! It is the ideal location for short breaks, hence why it receives so many visitors.

Each year, sporting invents including Royal Ascot, the Derby and Henley Royal Regatta attracts annual visitors to the area.

Prosperous Area

As the second-largest regional economy besides London, it leaves no surprises that the region is prosperous as the second richest region in England. With such excellent transport links and appeal to visitors, it is no wonder the area keeps up with the country’s capital city.

A selection of coffee equipment and beans

Advantages of Franchising with Esquires Coffee

According to the CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sustainability is reported as one of the most sought after trends of UK consumers. Esquires Coffee is proud to present organic and Fairtrade coffee with a sustainable and ethical motivation behind our shops; a significant aspect of why we have a returning and loyal customer base.

Esquires Coffee not only provide single store opportunities, but we also provide regional franchising business models meaning you have exclusivity of areas.

What to expect as an Esquires Coffee franchisee

About the author - Jack Anderson

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