Meet Our Team: Life as an Esquires Coffee Barista

If you like to be in the centre of a social atmosphere, being a barista could be the perfect job for you, especially with our leading coffee shop franchise in the UK.

The life skills you gain working in a coffee shop can be incredibly valuable, giving you the opportunity to learn new things and take chances. 

We wanted to share what it is like to be a barista at Esquires Coffee and interviewed one of our very own baristas, Jack, for some insider information on the reality of working in one of our stores.

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you work?

My name is Jack, I work at Esquires Coffee Caerphilly. I have been making coffee since 2014.

What type of training did you experience as an Esquires Coffee barista?

I received fantastic one-to-one training from the store owner and the Esquires team who taught me the Esquires way.

Describe a typical day for yourself.

First thing in the morning, I set up pastries and make deli sandwiches. Then I move on to stock ordering, rotating stock, due diligence, paperwork and banking. All while keeping an eye out for my team and serving our lovely local community.

Baristas at the Caerphilly store

Overall, how would you describe working with Esquires Coffee?

When I started with the store, it was like no job I’d had before- the welcoming I received. And what was great for me was that every single person working in the store loved their job. I love the atmosphere inside an Esquires Coffee shop.

What is the best thing about working in a café?

The ambience here at Esquires Caerphilly is great. It's set on a community estate, and everyone has welcomed me into my role. There is a real sense of community and team working at Esquires.

What attracts you to working with coffee?

Making a positive difference in people's lives by making great coffee. The ability to brighten someone's day with something as simple as a great cup of coffee is what attracts me to making coffee. I really enjoy the human connection.

What is your favourite coffee to make?

A flat white is my favourite coffee to make; I love making great latte art.

What is the best compliment you have received for your coffee?

As the sun was shining on a beautiful morning, a regular customer came in – I was the serving barista, and after taking a sip of her coffee, she sang to me, ‘Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day’.

A selection of Esquires coffee drinks in a row

What is your favourite coffee to drink?

I like to drink a flat white in the morning - I love the creamy, intense flavour of the coffee.

How does Esquires Coffee differ from other coffee shops?

Esquires has great coffee, delicious food, great ethics and trains us for an amazing customer service which I believe sets us apart from the rest.

How many customer orders do you know by heart?

Since starting my role in October, I have gained knowledge of at least 30 regular customers orders, and I continue to make every effort to remember more! It’s amazing to see the customers’ smiles when you get it right!

How would you like to develop your career at Esquires Coffee in the future?

I’d like to be a franchisee in the future; it has always been one of my dreams. I would like to have my coffee shop but have the support of a whole team and office behind.

What do you think is essential for being a successful barista, and what advice would you offer to those considering their career as one?

You need to be a peoples’ person with patience, have a great sense of humour and have a great mannerism. Take pride in what you are doing, don’t just make someone a coffee, make them something you are proud of – every time.

As a new barista, gaining all the tips and tricks is essential. If you would like advice, check out our blog for our top tips as a beginner barista!

If like Jack, you are interested in becoming an Esquires franchisee, why not fill out an application today by clicking on the link and discover more about the incredible opportunities at Esquires Coffee.

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