Becoming a Barista: Tips for Beginners

The art of making great coffee is becoming increasingly popular, but there are many skills that you need to learn! Check out our guide for hopeful baristas.

Few institutions are growing in popularity as quickly as the coffee shop. A place where you can relax, work and much more besides, these small locations have become the heart of their communities. Nowadays, coffee shops have become the place to be, which means it’s no surprise that the interest in working and owning coffee shops has also skyrocketed!

What many people don’t realise is the skill and technique that goes into making every cup of coffee. Creating these drinks we all love is a craft and people now more than ever before are looking to learn it. Using our many years of experience in the business, we take a look at some of the key tips and tricks you can learn that will make you into a better barista.

What is a Barista?

The term ‘barista’ is Italian and translates to ‘bartender’, referring to someone who serves customers everything the coffee shop has, including food and cold refreshments. However, as coffee’s popularity has grown, the term is now frequently used to describe the specific serving of espresso-based drinks.

Espresso itself can refer to both the drink itself and a wider method of brewing synonymous with coffee shops. Images of the steam from espresso machines now go hand-in-hand with our beliefs concerning what a barista is. Nowadays, the term predominantly refers to the skills and knowledge required to turn espresso into any number of delicious drinks! Check out below some of our favourite beginner’s tips that can help elevate your barista game.

Learn from the Best

If you are serious about potentially carving out a career in the coffee shop business, then it’s essential to learn from the best. Your barista skills will be a valuable asset, so don’t be scared to train up. There are many training options, such as being part of a class or learning with an established coffee brand, such as Esquires Coffee.

Here at Esquires, our dedicated franchise training programme means that anyone interested in opening a store will receive the highest quality barista training. This programme includes learning the art alongside an established barista in a live store environment, setting you up perfectly to be a hit in your neighbourhood!

A barista pouring a latte

Use High-Quality Ingredients

This point is often first on many experienced baristas’ tips for newcomers. As with learning or creating anything in life, whether it’s an instrument or a five-star meal, it helps to have the best tools for the job. In the case of coffee, this means making sure all your ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

Using the best possible ingredients will help you become a better barista in two ways. First of all, high-quality products are often more reliable in their tastes, while their behaviours are also easier to manipulate and predict. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, great ingredients will give you some slack during those early days, allowing you to produce excellent-tasting drinks while honing your craft.

Learn from Experience

Ultimately, in all walks of life, there are few alternatives to experience. As a barista, you will experience things in your store that cannot be replicated, and there will be times early on when drinks don’t go to plan. The most important thing here is not to panic – early mistakes happen to everyone. In fact, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn.

Continue to hone your craft throughout your time as a barista, learning from errors and developing your weaknesses. By continuing to learn, you will pick up your very own unique traits that could go on to shape your career as a purveyor of espresso!

Espresso coming out of a coffee machine

These are our essential tips that will help you take the first steps on your path as a barista. Here at Esquires, we are always looking for people passionate about coffee for our unique coffee shop franchise UK opportunities! Alternatively, if you want to learn more coffee-making skills, why not read our guide to latte art?

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