Becoming a Barista: Tips for Beginners

Few institutions are growing in popularity as quickly as the coffee shop. A place where you can relax, work and much more besides, these small locations have become the heart of their communities.

The UK Coffee Industry

Nowadays, coffee shops have become the place to be, which means it’s no surprise that the interest in working and owning coffee shops has also skyrocketed!

What many people don’t realise is the skill and technique that goes into making every cup of coffee. Creating these drinks that we all love is a craft, and people are looking to learn it more than ever before.

Using our many years of experience in the business as a reputable coffee franchise, we look at some of the key tips and tricks you can learn to make you into a better barista.

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What is a Barista?

The term ‘barista’ is Italian and translates to ‘bartender’, referring to someone who serves customers everything the coffee shop has, including food and cold refreshments.

However, as coffee’s popularity has grown, the term is now frequently used to describe the specific serving of espresso-based drinks.

Espresso itself can refer to both the drink itself and a wider method of brewing synonymous with coffee shops. Images of the steam from espresso machines now go hand-in-hand with our beliefs concerning what a barista is.

Nowadays, the term predominantly refers to the skills and knowledge required to turn espresso into any number of delicious drinks! Check out some of our favourite beginner’s tips that can help elevate your barista game.

A barista concentrating on making a coffee in a coffee shop

Invest in Training

If you are serious about potentially carving out a career in the coffee shop business, then it’s essential to learn from the best. Your barista skills will be a valuable asset, so don’t be scared to train up.

There are many training options, such as being part of a class or learning with an established coffee brand, such as Esquires Coffee.

Barista Training with Esquires Coffee

Here at Esquires Coffee, our dedicated franchise training programme means that anyone interested in opening a store will receive the highest quality barista training. This programme includes learning the art alongside an established barista in a live store environment, setting you up perfectly to be a hit in your neighbourhood!

Do Your Own Research

There is nothing worse than feeling unprepared, so if you are unsure of anything, ask the experts or try your own research!

Maybe you need a little more time to get to grips with being a barista? This is where the internet becomes super useful!

There are plenty of tips, tricks and tutorials available on the internet. Whether reading a blog like this one or watching a YouTube video to absorb the more technical aspects of coffee making, the world is your oyster, and it is all made available to you!

Make the most of it! Start now, and check out all you need to know in our blog below:

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Creates a Friendly and Safe Atmosphere

Another benefit of educating yourself as much as you can is that you can pass on this knowledge to your customers! Not only will they be impressed by your beautiful, expertly made coffee, but they will also remember you for your excellent service and confidence, which will make them come back for more!

It also helps you to remain calm in high pressure and busy situations as you feel secure in the knowledge that you know what you are doing!

A barista pouring a latte

Use High-Quality Ingredients

Often a first on many experienced baristas’ tips for newcomers. As with learning or creating anything in life, whether it’s an instrument or a five-star meal, it helps to have the best tools for the job. In the case of coffee, this means making sure all your ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

Using the best possible ingredients will help you become a better barista in two ways.

First of all, high-quality products are often more reliable in their tastes, while their behaviours are also easier to manipulate and predict.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, great ingredients will give you some slack during those early days, allowing you to produce excellent-tasting drinks while honing your craft.

Espresso coming out of a coffee machine

Learn from Experience

Ultimately, in all walks of life, there are few greater alternatives to experience.

As a barista, you will experience things in your store that cannot be replicated, and there will be times early on when drinks don’t go to plan.

Remember That Mistakes are Ok!

The most important thing here is not to panic – early mistakes happen to everyone. In fact, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn.

Continue to hone your craft throughout your time as a barista, learning from errors and developing your weaknesses. By continuing to learn, you will pick up your very own unique traits that could go on to shape your career as a purveyor of espresso!


A simple but convenient tip when it comes to being a great barista is to listen.

Paying attention to the customer and what they want can save so much wasted time and effort.

One of the perks of being a barista is the variety that comes with the job, and with everyone having their own favourite, it keeps each day interesting! With different preferences and dietary requirements, it is always best to really focus on what the customer is requesting to make sure everyone has a positive experience, including yourself!

To help you, you may want to even repeat the order back for peace of mind.

Of course, there is always the potential of not getting an ordering spot on, but the more you get right through paying attention, the more your confidence will build.

A barista pouring milk into a coffee

Be Yourself

Being a barista can be a fun way to interact with people, and it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the local community and build customer rapport!

Making people feel special and welcome can go a long way in how you perceive work, and a positive atmosphere is a crucial ingredient to a work environment you want to be in.

Remember to be yourself and treat customers how you would like to be treated if you entered a coffee shop.

These are our essential tips that will help you take the first steps on your path as a barista. Here at Esquires, we are always looking for people passionate about coffee for our unique coffee shop franchise UK opportunities!

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About the author - Jack Anderson

Jack has been working in the franchise sector for over 12 years and is our in-house guru on all things business! Jack is also a keen hiker and can be found in some of the UK's best walking spots on the weekends.