Why Franchising is the Most Stable Business Plan Post Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions lift, we are looking forward to safely opening our stores again soon. We have been proud to continue serving takeaway food and drink to our customers across our Esquires Coffee chain franchise. Still, nothing quite beats the inclusivity and communal atmosphere of people spending time in their favourite coffee shop.

Current Restrictions

Hospitality venues are set to re-open their indoor seating areas on 17th May, with parties of up to six people allowed to be seated at one indoor dining space. By 21st June, all indoor and outdoor social restrictions are expected to be eased, and the UK will begin experiencing the ‘new normal’ across the country.

Life After Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions ease, many of us cannot wait to socialise again. We will undoubtedly cherish the things we used to take for granted, including meeting our friends to catch up in our local coffee shop.

With the halt in the UK travel and tourism industry in 2020, this summer is predicted to be a busy one, with many of us eager to reclaim the freedoms issued to us on 21st June.

As a meeting place with socialising at its core, owning your own coffee shop could have many promising prospects. Despite the many hurdles of 2020, the World Coffee Portal predicted that consumers spent over £4 billion.

To read more on how the coffee industry overcame the challenges of the first lockdown and the industry predictions over the next few years, take a look at our blog on the trends on the UK coffee shop industry

The Demand for Coffee

The appeal of coffee has significantly increased over the past few years with many UK coffee chains joining the market. Originally associated with our love of tea, the UK’s demand for coffee is catching up with a nation of tea drinkers, and coffee shops are the go-to destination for many of us.

Whether holding an informal business meeting, catching up with friends, or studying while indulging with your favourite hot drink, there are countless reasons people of all ages and interests choose to head to their local coffee shop.

Two people drinking coffee

What Makes Esquires Coffee So Unique?

Esquires Coffee franchise is renowned for being an innovative, and it is now nationally recognised for its business ethos for the ever growing market of coffee drinkers.

As a nation, we drink 70 million cups of coffee a day. With more and more coffee drinkers wanting to know where and how the coffee they drink is produced, our reputation as a proud, sustainable, Fairtrade and organic-based company exceeds many other brands.

Our loyal customer base wants coffee that is created from an ethically-conscious and sustainable process. We appeal to those who want to know that each stage of the process is beneficial to everyone involved, starting with how it is farmed to how it is presented in your coffee cup by our professional baristas.

Esquires Support

Creating your own business without any assistance can be incredibly hard. Our independent-feel coffee shops present our franchisees with the best of both worlds. While you retain the responsibility and pride of owning your own store, you are also supported by an experienced coffee franchise.

Here at Esquires Coffee, we provide our franchise owners with the foundations required to ensure your business has the best possible start. We provide the following support for our franchisees with the following:

• Design both the exterior and interior of premises.
• Manage consents and permissions.
• Provide full training and constant support for you and your staff.

Our franchisor guidance is an invaluable support to have, especially as we head out of another lockdown. Even choosing the correct location can have its problems if you are unsure of what to look for. With Esquires Coffee, every store location is thoroughly researched in advance to ensure the most suitable site is chosen to help guarantee a successful and popular store.

Our support is present throughout your experience with us, not only at the beginning of your business journey. We are always available to guide and help our franchisees and listen to any potential ideas that you may have. 

People meeting in a coffee shop

Owning a coffee shop is a promising business venture, and having the support of a franchisor provides a stable foundation for you to thrive.

If you have the qualifications and business acumen required to be an Esquires Coffee franchise owner, why not apply today? Click on the link below and discover how our strong brand can help you achieve owning your own coffee shop.

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