Coffee Shop Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces don’t have to fall short on style! Check out our top tips for designing a coffee shop in a small space.

Having a pocket-sized coffee shop can have a multitude of benefits. A cosy environment, a small team of staff and an added personal touch with customers can be key factors in driving your business to success. With some intuitive designs and bright ideas, your compact environment doesn’t have to compromise on seating and feeling of space. Esquires Coffee shops come in a variety of quirky spaces, and we’ve pulled together our favourite big ideas for your small shop.

Bars and Benches

Don’t waste space in narrow areas. Instead, utilise a custom bar and accompanying stools so that guests can seat themselves comfortably. Consider adding plug sockets in these areas, as such seating lends itself well to the out of office worker, or students who want to work in a social environment.
Bench seating can also achieve a similar effect. If you have a larger table, swapping the chairs out for one long bench can reduce the space wasted in the gaps. Larger families with children can also be accommodated for, as smaller bums take up less room.

Table Tetris

While mismatched tables are fun and visually pleasing, it’s a good idea to ensure that the majority of them can be moved around and pushed together. Not only does this offer you the versatility of a variety of table sizes, but breaking down and moving around tables means you can easily switch up table design, creating a fresh feel.

Esquires Headings


Where possible, see if you can utilise any outside space you may have for some al fresco seating. When the sun shines, outdoor seating is sought after and desirable. You may find that not only does it equip you with the extra seats, but it also encourages more patrons. Of course, you can’t just start putting chairs out on the pavement, and you should ensure you have the correct permissions, starting with your local council. New franchisees of Esquires Coffee shops are given useful support and advice for acquiring such permission, along with unlimited ongoing training and guidance from the very beginning.

Sunshine and Chandeliers

Lighting is essential in many areas of design; it can even contribute to the mood and appetite of your customers. In terms of space, remember to allow for as much natural light as possible. This can be achieved with glass-fronted doors, bigger windows and strategically-placed mirrors to bounce the light around. Where natural light falls short, don’t be afraid to use statement fixtures and fittings, as it will only add to the overall uniqueness of your coffee shop.

Smart Shelving

Bespoke shelving units can be designed specifically to fit your space and can be used in a variety of ways. Some products, such as our delicious Fair-Trade coffee, are great to shout about, so why not combine storage with display and have it for everyone to see? Make sure no spot goes unutilised, keep under the counter and stock cupboards organised and tidy to maximise the available space.

Add Cosiness

If you don’t have the luxury of high ceilings, don’t fear. Take advantage of the opportunity to create cute and cosy nooks in your coffee shop. Low seating can help to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, so think about adding a cosy coffee table area. Cushions can add a kitsch and decorative feel as well as being super comfy.

Are you feeling inspired? Read our article on How to Run a Successful Coffee Shop for further information on what you need to know after you’ve designed your perfect space. If you think you’ve got what it takes to open your own coffee shop, consider buying a coffee franchise business with Esquires Coffee. We offer unparalleled support for or franchisees as well as the chance to become part of an ethically minded global coffee chain.

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