Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Get some inspiration this Christmas and discover some perfect gifts for your loved ones who adore coffee.

As we come into the festive period, it is time to start buying our loved ones gifts and their interests will determine what sort of present you buy. Coffee is enjoyed by an abundance of people, with many of them feeling like they cannot function without a cup of energy from their favourite coffee chain franchise.

With this in mind, for those with friends and family members who are coffee lovers, buying them a gift associated with this could be a great idea. Read on to find out some of the many presents you could buy your coffee lover.

Coffee beans in the shape of a heart with a cup of coffee

Reusable Coffee Cup

An easy gift idea for someone who enjoys a cup of coffee is a reusable mug. Not only it is a handy product to have, but it is brilliant for the environment too! Those who drink coffee will likely use plastic or single-use cups, therefore, by providing them with a reusable mug, they can enjoy their drink and help the planet. Here at Esquires, we offer reusable coffee cups, so why not head into your local store today and check off one of your gifts for this year?

Coffee Treat Bundle

What better gift than a bundle of little presents? Esquires have teamed up with Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn company and we are the dream duo for a Christmas hamper. With popcorn flavours such as espresso martini and gingerbread latte, why not create a hamper with some coffee flavoured popcorn, a mug, Fairtrade beans and many other little items? Below is a giveaway that ends on December 15th, 2019 and perhaps it is the perfect gift for someone who adores coffee. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook and get involved for your chance to win.

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It’s Giveaway time! To celebrate this festive season we have teamed up with @joeandseph to bring you not only some special flavours with our Speculoos Latte, Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate and Mulled Spiced Toffee Apple, but also the chance to win the ultimate bundle of coffee treats! . . Think about Fairtrade & Organic coffee, cappuccino, chocolate and caramel popcorn, Speculoos syrup, eco coffee cups and so much more! . . To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is: ??Like this post ??Follow Esquires Coffee ??Tag a friend who would love these treats! Good Luck! . . Giveaway closes at midnight on the 15th of December. UK and 18+ only. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

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Espresso Martini Set

Celebrate the festive season in style and gift your loved one with an espresso martini set; they can enjoy the taste of coffee in a different way. An espresso martini set will usually consist of some of the following:

  • Vodka
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Hazelnut liqueur
  • Amaretto
  • Sugar syrup
  • Recipe to follow

Espresso martinis are a delicious and luxurious way to enjoy the taste of coffee. Along with buying the set to create the cocktail, you could purchase a martini glass so that they can experience the martini at its best.

Someone holding an espresso martini in front of a city skyline

Flavoured Syrups

Coffee can be enjoyed on its own, or you can flavour it with syrup. There is an array of different flavours to choose from, so if you aren’t too sure which one they would enjoy the most, why not buy a set of flavours for them to try and test? Here are some of the most common coffee syrup flavours:

Vanilla: works with most things and is very complimentary with coffee. Lattes flavoured with vanilla are very popular in high street coffee shops and are one of the UK’s preferred flavoured coffees.

Caramel: a sweet addition to a coffee; caramel coffees are staples in most coffee chains, and some like to combine other syrups, such as hazelnut for an extra treat.

Cinnamon: the ultimate Christmassy flavour, cinnamon coffees are a seasonal special with rich a taste.

Mint: coffees are often served with a mint on the side, so people have begun to flavour the coffee itself. You will often find mint cappuccinos, lattes and americanos on coffee shop menus.

Chocolate: a delicious sweet treat, coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven. The flavours blend beautifully together and can be enjoyed at any time of day for a sugary pick me up.

Gingerbread: another festive favourite is a gingerbread latte or cappuccino. Around the Christmas period, these are high in demand and are a delightful treat.

Hazelnut: commonly paired with coffees and hot chocolates, hazelnut is a well-loved syrup. The rich undertones of hazelnuts make for a tasty addition to coffee and are usually enjoyed as a latte.

Coffee Cup Hanger

An excellent gift for a coffee lover is a mug holder; they will have ease of access to their cups when they make their brew while also showcasing a decorative item. You could buy one from a shop or order online and personalise it for an added special touch.

A mug holder with three cups hanging

We hope that we have inspired you with some tremendous coffee-related Christmas gifts! Here at Esquires, we are the UK's fastest-growing ethical coffee franchise, with stores across the country. If you are a coffee lover yourself, head into your local Esquires Coffee shop and enjoy a delicious brew and slice of cake.

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