6 Reasons Why Companies Should Go Green

Not to be mistaken for a trend, sustainability and green living have become ever more pressing concerns in recent years, as scientists continue to report on the rapid changes happening to our planet. Businesses and industries have a responsibility to the earth and their customers to implement measures that reduce their environmental impact. There are several social and economic reasons why companies should look to become a little more green. In this article, we look at the top reasons and how you can make your business more successful.

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Consumer Demand

As mainstream media starts to pick up on the ongoing environmental issues, so does the general public. In the last few years, public awareness has reached an all-time high. Many consumers are now demanding to know the measures companies are taking to protect the environment. For the coffee industry, this means that customers are no longer happy to see disposable, non-compostable coffee cups and plastic take-away cutlery. This call from patrons shows no sign of shrinking. Companies need to show they are taking an active role in the future of the planet; doing this secures faith and loyalty in the brand.

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In 2009, the UK government updated its environmental requirements and can persecute businesses for failing to meet these requirements involving waste management and environmental damage prevention. This year, the government has released its 25-year environment plan, which aims to improve a range of factors including clean air, water and biodiversity. Pressure will likely be put on businesses to ensure these targets are met.


Over time, actions that are good for the environment may also benefit your bank balance. Encouraging staff to turn off unused lights and save water may seem minuscule to begin with, but it will eventually add up to a substantial amount. Furthermore, you can save energy by turning down the thermostat and switching to energy-saving bulbs, which will have a direct impact on ever-rising utility bills.

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Setting the Standard

An essential ingredient for success is staying ahead of the curve. By putting your business at the forefront of positive change, you are setting the standard and leading the way in your industry. Doing this will reflect well with consumers and increase your presence as a competitor to rival companies.
At Esquires Coffee, we are proud of our Fair-Trade and ethically sourced products, as well as the support we provide to help our franchisees reach their sustainability goals.

Inspire and Educate Employees

Encouraging employees to evolve with your changes will not only keep them educated but also inspired to implement and follow your policies. In the long run, you will benefit from an engaged and invested team, who are confident in the knowledge that their employer values themselves and their future.

Moral Peace

It’s paramount that, as a business owner, you are in a position to be the best version of yourself so that you can run a growing and profitable business. Being safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the earth can boost morale and improve mental health, leaving you to focus on the important things.

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Esquires Coffee’s Top Tips for a Greener Coffee Shop:

· Don’t waste food! Sample it, give it away or partner with companies who help fight food waste.

· Have a water refill station so customers can top up their reusable water bottles.

· Make sure all staff are up to date on their COSHH training. This is to ensure all hazardous substances that could potentially be unhealthy for the environment are handled safely and correctly.

· There are now alternatives for many different coffee shop essential items such as take-away cups and food containers. It is standard to see non-plastic straw alternatives, so make sure you’re not falling behind!

As an already established eco-conscious company, Esquires Coffee is the perfect choice if you are a potential franchisee searching for an ethical brand. For what we can offer you, take a look at our coffee franchise opportunities in London and the rest of the UK. If you have enjoyed this article, take a look at our Top Three Swaps to Make your Business Eco-Friendly.