Top Three Swaps to Make your Business Eco-Friendly

There has never been a more critical time for companies to become environmentally sustainable. Recent studies on the effects of climate change have further highlighted the immediate importance of everybody working together to reduce our impact on the environment. Many of us rely on the health of the earth in ways we often don’t realise, and for future generations, we need to make sure they have a vibrant and robust world long into the future.

In addition, being eco-friendly can provide a noticeable competitive advantage for companies that show a clear passion and desire to lead on the issue. Not only does it provide marketing potential towards an increasingly knowledgeable customer base, but effective, sustainable practices can also create cost-saving opportunities, increasing margins and profitability.

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Discover the trends of the UK coffee shop industry in our blog

Here at Esquires Coffee, we pride ourselves on our sustainable and ethical ethos which have been part of what we do since our creation in 1993. Despite establishing ourselves as one of the top coffee shop franchises in the UK, we have maintained a desire to lead by example, promoting and supporting sustainable business practices – such as the way we only serve organic and Fairtrade coffee to our customers. If you are looking to introduce some eco-friendly practices into your business, consider these three simple swaps that can make a world of difference.

1. Swap Plastic for Biodegradables

One of the most talked about concerns for the future of our environment is the impact of plastic. Studies by the United Nations suggest that, if current trends continue, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. This issue has become such public knowledge that more and more people are aware of businesses that are contributing to this burgeoning plastic waste. There is also a sizeable audience that will gravitate to any businesses that show a willingness to reduce their plastic output.

At Esquires, we strive to recycle and re-use whenever and wherever possible. We have phased out all single-use plastic cups, replacing them with compostable coffee cups, as well as rolling out compostable takeaway boxes, serviettes and straws to all UK stores.

A wind turbine in a field on a sunny day

2. Consider Different Power Sources

One of the biggest causes of climate change has been the CO2 emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels. According to the UN, to avoid the potential effects of human-impacted climate change, there must be a global ambition to drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce through the use of fossil fuels.

While many parts of society are still reliant on this energy source for daily life, there is now a growing range of options available in terms of renewable sources. As with the plastics debate, people are becoming more aware that there are alternatives available and are happy to support businesses that show a desire to use and promote renewable energies.

It is important that any forward-thinking businesses look at the options that are available to them and try to implement more renewable sources into their business as soon as possible.

A lightbulb with a plant inside in a garden

3. Don’t Watch, Act!

Perhaps the most important point, especially for businesses, is their broader social impact. Supporting the environment requires a collective effort from everyone, and businesses – particularly those with regular interactions with the public but also other widely-recognised companies – are in a unique position to influence wider trends. Businesses that wish to be eco-friendly and be seen as such should not only look at their internal structures but also externally, helping to promote and advise potential consumers on ways they, too, can become eco-friendly.

This is something at the heart of our business philosophy here at Esquires Coffee. When you decide to join us, you will be working with a company that supports sustainable practices, allowing you to further promote environmentally-friendly practices as an integral part of your local community! If opening a coffee shop with this ethos sounds perfect for you, then apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today!

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