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Become a Part of Tamworth's Growing Coffee Community


In recent years, the franchise sector has become increasingly fruitful for entrepreneurs in various industries, with the coffee shop industry being no exception. Choosing a franchise over a start-up offers numerous benefits, providing support from an established brand and a reliable franchise business model – paving the way towards a successful venture.

If you’re thinking about developing a business in Tamworth, a coffee shop franchise might just present the ideal opportunity. And with the help of Esquires, you could be running your own store in no time!


Located in the borough of Staffordshire lies Tamworth, a market town only 14 miles from the bustling city of Birmingham. Tamworth boasts a unique charm and a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to establish a thriving coffee shop. Unlike other locations, Tamworth’s allure lies in its distinctive characteristics, making it an ideal canvas for a successful coffee shop business.

Tamworth’s historical significance and cultural richness provide a unique backdrop for a coffee shop. From the medieval Tamworth Castle to the picturesque grounds of Middleton Hall, the town offers a blend of history and intriguing aesthetics that can enhance the overall appeal of an Esquires Coffee shop. This historical richness creates an engaging atmosphere, attracting locals and tourists seeking a memorable experience.

The town’s diverse demographic, comprising residents, workers, and visitors, contributes to a bustling energy that ensures a high footfall. With major employers and industries, the local workforce generates a constant demand for coffee, making Tamworth an ideal location for a thriving coffee business. With the strategic positioning of an Esquires Coffee shop, you can tap into this daily influx, providing a much-needed caffeine fix for the busy workforce.

Tamworth’s central location in the West Midlands makes it a natural hub for commuters and travellers passing through. The proximity to major road networks and accessibility contribute to a steady stream of visitors, providing ample opportunities to establish a popular Esquires Coffee destination.

The town acts as a magnet to young families travelling from bigger cities like Birmingham, looking for close yet adventurous outings, being attracted to venues like the Tamworth Snowdome and Statfold County Park, as well as the town’s recreational spaces and green parks. This presents a constant flow of potential customers looking for a delightful coffee experience.

Opening an Esquires Coffee shop in Tamworth is not just a business venture; it’s an opportunity to become an integral part of a vibrant community. With its rich history, diverse population, and strategic location, Tamworth provides a golden chance for entrepreneurs looking for a successful and community-centric coffee shop.


Joining an Esquires coffee franchise presents a worthwhile opportunity to join the UK’s flourishing coffee sector, currently valued at over £4.9 billion. Due to the rising demand for coffee shops in and around large towns and cities, they have become a hugely prosperous business to venture into – when done right.

By having the backing of an already established and knowledgeable coffee franchise, Esquires, your chances of running a successful coffee store become significantly higher. With the franchise model acting as your backbone, the guidance offered is far more than what you’d receive compared to an independent start-up.

Partnership with Esquires allows you to have the freedom of running your own business while still having a solid and strong foundation of support, mastery in how to market your business, valuable and reliable retailer contacts, assistance with store design, and staff training, with the perks of being your own boss.

If you’d like to learn more about what an Esquires franchise agreement includes, then our franchising FAQs can help.


If you are passionate about creating exceptional coffee and dream of cultivating a thriving coffee sanctuary in Tamworth, we invite you to join us! Esquires Coffee is looking for individuals driven by enthusiasm to join our brand, especially in Tamworth and other fast-growing spots in the West Midlands. It’s time to explore the multitude of franchise opportunities to kickstart your venture in the coffee shop industry.

If this resonates with your aspirations and you like the sound of our ethos, complete an application and transform your Tamworth coffee shop dreams into reality. Your journey with Esquires Coffee awaits, ready to flourish in the heart of Tamworth!