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Become a Part of Swansea's Growing Coffee Scene

Franchises Available in Swansea

More and more entrepreneurs are finding success with the franchise business model. Running your own business is an attractive prospect, but it’s certainly not without its risks. Franchising gives you the best of both worlds, providing the opportunity to be your own boss and gain hands-on experience at the helm of a business while being supported by the power and expertise of an established brand.

The coffee shop industry is an especially promising avenue for prospective franchisees as there are so many opportunities to make your mark on your community’s local coffee scene. If you’ve been considering developing a coffee business in Swansea or the surrounding areas, embracing the many advantages of franchising offers a surefire path to success.

Why Buy a Coffee Shop in Swansea?

After Cardiff, Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. The city and county of Swansea is home to approximately 241,300 people, with plenty of visitors passing through to see the sights of the Gower Peninsula, Mumbles and Swansea. With a vibrant local populace and rich industrial and artistic heritage, Swansea is rife with opportunities for new businesses looking to invest in the community.

Along with a diverse range of tourist hotspots ranging from Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to maritime museums, there are also three main Swansea universities/colleges that cater to around 30,000 students. And whether they need a caffeine boost or a cosy place to study and catch up with friends, students are always in need of a good coffee shop!

The historic Swansea market and strong influence of Italian cuisine in the city highlight an engaged foodie population always on the lookout for quality restaurant and cafe experiences that showcase the best of local produce. This offers an existing chance to make your mark on the local coffee scene for the discerning coffee-lover. The quality and consistency of a community-focused chain will put your store in a good position to attract the foot traffic Swansea experiences.

With a bit of industry knowledge, your coffee shop could be gracing the streets of Swansea in no time.

Investing in an Esquires Franchise

Being your own boss comes with a number of perks, but getting a brand new business off the ground can take time and present various risks. With franchising, you get the benefits of running a business while receiving all the necessary support when starting up and developing your store.

From the moment you begin your franchising journey, the Esquires team is on hand to make the process easier. Whether it’s site procurement, store design or sourcing your menu items, we can provide support for every step. And once you’re all set up, you’ll have access to ongoing guidance to ensure your coffee shop goes from strength to strength. For more information about what’s included in an Esquires franchise agreement, see our franchising FAQs.

When you partner with Esquires, you receive decades of market expertise from an established brand with a proven business model. This is a surefire way to get a headstart in what can be a very competitive area. We’re dedicated to providing the modern coffee consumer with responsibly sourced Fairtrade coffee in cosy spaces with that independent feel – all while retaining the benefits of a chain. Our values are rooted in prioritising people and the planet, and we are always looking for franchise partners who share this ethos.

Apply For a Coffee Franchise in Swansea

If this sounds like you and you meet our franchisee requirements, we‘d love to hear from you. We’re currently looking to develop new Esquires stores across the UK, including Swansea and the surrounding areas.

With the branded coffee chain market now worth £4.4 billion (according to the Allegra World Coffee Portal), it’s a fantastic time to get involved in the industry and experience some of this growth for yourself.

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of an Esquires Coffee franchise agreement, fill out our franchise application below.