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Coffee Shop Business Opportunity For Entrepreneurs In Plymouth

Do you want to run your own business but need some guidance on where to begin? Investing in a coffee franchise in Plymouth is a fantastic way to become a business owner and start making your mark in the coffee shop industry.

By choosing an Esquires Coffee shop, you can discover a new career path in the wonderful world of coffee while benefiting from the knowledge of an established franchise business model.

Why Invest in a Plymouth Coffee Shop?

The city of Plymouth has a demographic with around 26,000 students, professionals, and families, creating a diverse customer base hungry for quality coffee experiences. The city’s picturesque waterfront and historic landmarks draw tourists year-round, presenting an excellent opportunity to cater to both the local population and those passing through.

Plymouth’s population is on an upward trend, and it’s estimated to reach 274,300 by 2034, making it the perfect time to establish your mark on the local coffee culture. Opening an Esquires Coffee shop will serve as an additional gathering spot for Plymouth’s growing population – fostering connections among locals and providing a cosy haven for visitors seeking refreshments whilst exploring its rich marine heritage.

Plymouth is one of the largest cities on the South coast of England and has around 109,000 jobs, a great market to capture when workers need a morning boost or lunchtime beverage. University students often have a strong affinity for coffee, too, which Plymouth has a lot of, as they rely on coffee shops as an integral part of their University experience.

Coffee Franchises in Plymouth

There are around 176 existing coffee shops in Plymouth, but this is accompanied by a higher number of people per coffee shop, around 1,495, when compared to other major cities, like Brighton, which only has 800 people per coffee shop. This higher demand per coffee shop, the ever-growing population, the booming tourist industry, and the constant flow of students make the perfect opportunity for a franchise to start up and take advantage of Plymouth’s coffee cravings.

Investing in a franchise gives you the support to create a unique and successful coffee experience that adds to the local community, as your store has the potential to become a thriving and cherished community hot spot. Esquires are here to support its franchisees from day one, with no questions too big or small.

To find out more about whether franchising suits your coffee shop business idea, visit our franchising FAQs.

Buying A Plymouth Coffee Shop

Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Esquires Coffee is waiting to welcome you!

As an established coffee shop franchise, our much-loved stores can be identified for their ethical and community-centred ethos. A recognised name and tried and tested business model, Esquires Coffee is a fantastic way to take your first step into the industry.

If you want to open a single, multi, or regional franchise, complete our form and apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today. We can’t wait to help you turn your dream into a reality!