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Nottingham Franchise Opportunities

The franchise business model offers a wealth of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs, allowing them to enter new markets with a distinct competitive edge. Franchising promises a good level of autonomy combined with the support of a recognised brand, offering a unique pathway to business growth and success.

And how better to reap the rewards of franchising than with a coffee shop? Coffee shops and cafes thrive on consistency and reputation, so are ideally suited to the franchise model.

If you’re eager to embark on a new venture in Nottingham, an Esquires Coffee franchise may just be the perfect next step for you.

Why Open a Coffee Shop in Nottingham?

Located in the heart of the East Midlands lies the city of Nottingham, a thriving central hub for the wider Nottinghamshire area. Home to 330,000 residents, two major universities and surrounded by several built-up towns and the nearby city of Derby, there is certainly no shortage of potential customers passing through its historic streets.

Nottingham has a particularly legendary and somewhat magical feel as it’s home to the folklore hero Robin Hood. The Nottingham Castle and caves are also especially prominent fixtures of the city, bringing in tourists from near and far.

The historic buildings provide a quaint atmosphere that is ideal for a cosy coffee shop, allowing you to tap into that blend of tradition and bustling urban life captured by the city.

The people of Nottingham are also big fans of coffee, as evidenced by the annual Nottingham Coffee Festival which brings together cafe owners, roasters, industry experts and avid coffee drinkers to celebrate this drink we all love. This indicates an engaged coffee community that can spot a good brew a mile away – i.e. your perfect customer base!

Investing with Esquires Coffee

But why choose Esquires to franchise with? We’ve been in the coffee shop game for over three decades and have in-depth knowledge of what consumers want and how to deliver.

As an ethically-focused coffee franchise, we aim to prioritise people and the planet, sourcing organic Fairtrade coffee and working with farming cooperatives to help protect the well-being of coffee farmers and their environments. Alongside our amazing coffee, when sourcing other ingredients, we aim to partner with local suppliers where possible, ensuring each of our stores is a genuine part of the community.

Along with inheriting our ethos, Esquires franchise partners will also receive a wealth of support from day one. You’ll get help with site selection, lease negotiations, store designs and equipment recommendations, menus, staff training, ongoing support and more. We work closely with each of our franchisees to make sure they are set up for success and able to keep thriving.

To find out more about what’s included in an Esquires franchise agreement, please see our coffee franchise FAQs.

Apply For a Nottingham Coffee Franchise

Ready to join one of the UK’s foremost ethical coffee shop chains? We are currently looking to expand our reach and establish new stores all over the country, including in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

If you’re a keen entrepreneur with a proven track record (plus a passion for coffee), we’d love to connect. Complete a franchise application below to start your journey.

We can offer a range of franchise options, including single-store and multi-unit agreements, tailored to suit your ambitions in Nottingham.