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Become a Part of Newport's Growing Coffee Scene


The coffee sector has become a profitable industry for entrepreneurs, attracting those who want to take advantage of its opportunities. Choosing to become a franchisee rather than starting a business from scratch offers numerous benefits. Established franchises provide invaluable support, expertise, and knowledge, streamlining the learning curve for new business owners.

Newport, Wales, is a promising location for a coffee business as the demand for great coffee culture continues to rise. If you’re looking for an exciting business venture, choosing to set up a coffee shop franchise in Newport presents the perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to be their own boss and thrive in the flourishing coffee market.


In the heart of Wales, Newport offers a promising location for a coffee shop venture. With the first coffee shops opening in the early 19th century, coffee stores and cafes have steadily grown and become a heavily relied-on and in-demand part of the Newport community. But with the number of people living and working in Newport growing each year, the opportunity for new coffee stores arises, opening the doors for entrepreneurs looking to take on a successful business venture.

Newport’s distinctiveness lies in its industrial heritage and natural landscapes. The cityscape, adorned with scenic landscapes and historic structures, such as Tredegar House, Newport Castle, and Caerleon Ruins, creates an inviting atmosphere. This visual appeal coupled with significant landmarks, contributes to Newport’s allure as an ideal location for a coffee shop to flourish.

With a considerable number of employees – 71,000 and rising – seeking their daily caffeine fix, the demand for a conveniently located coffee shop is evident. This growing workforce, combined with a substantial student presence and high footfall, provides a lucrative market for a well-planned and strategically placed coffee shop. Partnering with Esquires can help you tap into this thriving market.

Newport can be seen as the gateway to South Wales. The influx of visitors presents a unique opportunity for a coffee shop acting as a welcoming haven for those entering Wales. It’s also home to the University of South Wales, consisting of around 24,000 students, and has close connections to other major Universities in Wales, such as Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Swansea University.

Students often use coffee shops as a social hub to study, and with Esquires, you’ll receive design assistance to ensure your coffee store is a vibrant and comfortable place for those who wish to study, families on days out, and workers on their lunch break – appealing to a variety of customers.

Choosing to open an Esquires coffee shop in Newport is not just a business venture; it’s an opportunity to set up a personal space for people to enjoy their coffee, whether they’re working, on a break, or just passing through. An Esquires coffee shop in Newport can seamlessly connect with and contribute to the city’s energetic and charismatic atmosphere.


Esquires’ proven franchise business model and expertise provide a solid foundation for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the help of a reputable brand guiding the way, you can benefit from niche knowledge, marketing strategies, operational expertise and everything else that an established franchise can bring to the table.

While enjoying the freedom of being your own boss, an Esquires coffee franchise offers the advantage of getting a head start in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs with a passion for coffee and community can find a perfect match in the collaborative guidance provided by Esquires. This support system not only streamlines the start-up process but also contributes to the long-term success of the business.

In the dynamic world of coffee entrepreneurship, investing in an Esquires coffee franchise ensures a blend of independence, passion, and the strength of a well-established brand. Visit our franchising FAQs to find out what an Esquires franchise agreement includes.


At Esquires, we want to hear from those who share the same passion for coffee, like the sound of our ethos, and enjoy being part of the heart and soul of a community. If you have the drive and vision to create your own thriving business in or around the Newport area, we can offer a variety of franchising opportunities to help jump-start your coffee shop career.

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