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Become a central part of Newcastle’s growing coffee community

Franchising Opportunities in Newcastle

Running your own business is an attractive prospect, but there are plenty of challenges along the way. Investing in a franchise is a great way to get all the benefits of being your own boss while receiving the support of an established brand that can help boost your chances of success.

The franchise business model shows its strengths particularly well in the coffee shop industry, opening doors to entrepreneurs seeking new ventures.

Why Invest in a Coffee Shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

The UK is a nation of coffee lovers – you’re almost guaranteed to find a loyal customer base wherever you set up shop. And there’s certainly no shortage of coffee enthusiasts in Newcastle.

Newcastle Upon Tyne has a rich history and cultural heritage rooted in shipbuilding and coal mining. Since the industrial revolution, it has become a central hub in the North East of England, functioning as a core social and business location, attracting lots of traffic to local businesses. The city is home to all kinds of coffee drinkers, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to become their new coffee house of choice!

At Esquires Coffee, we work closely with all of our franchise partners to ensure their coffee business is tailored to the local community. We understand what the modern coffee drinker wants and can help create a Newcastle coffee store that patrons will want to keep coming back to. Opening a coffee shop in Newcastle as an Esquires franchise partner ensures you can retain that unbeatable independent coffee shop feel but still receive valuable support and industry expertise.

Are Newcastle Coffee Franchises Successful?

With the right market knowledge and experience, coffee shop businesses can be incredibly profitable. And when you opt for a franchise, you secure a higher chance of success from the very start. Start-ups can take far longer to turn a profit than when you operate under the proven business model and reputation of an established brand.

As such an important city in the North East, there is plenty of demand in Newcastle, and an Esquires partnership can help you unlock that potential. Our franchising team will support you with things like store design, marketing materials, vendor contracts, staff training and any other aspects that contribute to the smooth running and ongoing success of your coffee shop.

Apply for a Coffee Franchise in Newcastle

Whether you’re ready to open your first coffee shop or want to develop a network of stores, Esquires Coffee offers several franchising opportunities in Newcastle, including single, multi and regional franchise agreements. To find out more about the requirements and particulars, please read our franchising FAQs.

We’ve been paving the way for ethical coffee shops with that local feel for decades now and are always seeking new partners who share our ethos and passion for great coffee shop experiences. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become one of our franchise partners, apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today.