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Franchising Opportunities in Manchester

Want to be your own boss without all the potential drawbacks of starting your own business from scratch? Joining a franchise is a great way to get a head start and hit the ground running in exciting new markets.

And what better way to enjoy all the benefits of a franchise business model than by turning your entrepreneurial talents to the coffee shop industry?

Why Open a Manchester Coffee Shop?

We’re a nation of coffee lovers, so it’s no surprise that coffee shops continue to thrive all over the country, consistently attracting loyal customers for their daily brew.

Manchester is a prime location for new coffee shops due to its rich cultural history and diverse demographic. With a prominent industrial heritage and vibrant city scene, Manchester is home to all kinds of coffee drinkers looking for their next go-to coffee house – and you could be their number-one stop!

At Esquires Coffee, we leverage our market knowledge and expertise to hone in on what the modern coffee shop goer wants. This ensures we can help you tailor your Manchester store to the local area and patrons. When you become an Esquires franchise partner, you get access to all our know-how. Opening a Manchester coffee shop with us means you receive plenty of support while retaining that independent feel.

Joining an Esquires Coffee Franchise in Manchester

Coffee shops can be incredibly profitable when done right, and opening your store with a leading brand name behind you is a great way to set yourself up for success.

There’s plenty of demand in Manchester, and with our proven business model, you’re in a great position to start seeing results from the start. The Esquires team works closely with each franchisee, providing support during every step, including things like site procurement, marketing expertise, store design, vendor contacts, staff training and ongoing guidance.

Buying a Manchester Coffee Franchise

If you’re ready to join the Manchester coffee shop scene, an Esquire Coffee franchise might just be the next step for you. To find out more about what’s involved, you can refer to our franchising FAQs. We can offer several franchise opportunities, including single, multi and regional franchise agreements, to suit a range of franchise aspirations.

We’ve been paving the way for ethical and sustainable coffee shops for several decades now and are always keen to welcome enthusiastic new store owners into our franchise family. If you think you share our ethos and have what it takes to run a Manchester coffee shop, head over to our form to apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today!