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Franchise Opportunities In London

Want to become your own boss? Buying a franchise in London is a great way for the entrepreneurs to start their own business, continue building their portfolio and become successful in a new market.

And what better way to discover the benefits of the franchise business model than by investing in the thriving London coffee shop industry?

Why Invest in a London Coffee Shop?

As England’s capital city and an iconic cultural hotspot, it will come as no surprise that London has a thriving, unique coffee scene that’s rife with opportunities.

The history of coffee in London is a long one, with the city’s famed first coffee house opening in 1652. Since the 17th century, Londers’ appetite for coffee has only grown, with thousands of cafes and coffee shops now catering to the demand of an 8.8 million strong population.

There is a huge market to capture; along with becoming local residents’ go-to coffee spot, your store could be in a great position to attract many of London’s visitors. The City of London alone receives 0.5 million daily commuters, and the greater London area sees approximately 30 million domestic and international tourists every year. With so many people passing through, there are some great chances to make your mark on the coffee shop industry.

London also has one of the largest concentrations of universities in the world – those 400,000+ university students attending the 40 universities and higher education institutions of London will surely need a caffeine boost every now and again!

Coffee Franchises in London

The branded coffee shop market is growing all over the UK. According to the Allegra World Coffee Portal, the UK’s branded coffee chain market is now worth £4.4 billion. With 9,540 branded stores and counting, the total number of UK outlets is set to reach 10,500 by 2026.

London is home to a good proportion of these stores – while competition is high, so is demand, and there are some very profitable opportunities for those interested in investing in the coffee shop industry.

How Profitable are London Coffee Shop Businesses?

Across the 32 boroughs of London (and surrounding areas), there are so many prime locations to open a successful coffee shop. From the busy streets of the West End to the heart of the coffee culture in the East, you are sure to find the perfect spot to open your dream community coffee shop.

When done right, London coffee shop businesses can be very profitable. The demand is there; it just takes a bit of individuality and expertise to turn new stores into an ongoing success. Franchises have a much higher chance of success than start-ups, allowing you to see results from the start.

To find out more about whether this is the right path for you, head over to our franchising FAQs.

Buying a London Coffee Franchise

If you’re ready to take your first step into the coffee industry, Esquires Coffee might just be the franchising partner for you!

As a leading coffee franchise, our stores have been at the forefront for several decades, leading the way for ethical and sustainable coffee shops. A respected name and a proven business model, Esquires Coffee can offer you several business opportunities whether you want to buy a single, multi or regional franchise agreement.

Think you have what it takes to become an Esquires franchise partner? If you’re ready to embrace one of our coffee franchise opportunities in London, fill in our form and apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today.