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Coffee Shop Business Opportunity For Entrepreneurs In Edinburgh

We hear many people say that they want to open their own business, but just need a little bit of guidance on how to take those first steps. Becoming an Esquires Coffee franchise owner is a sensible and profitable way to open your first business (or add to your current business portfolio!)

By choosing to invest in an Esquires Coffee store, you can confidentiality open your doors knowing you have the expertise of an established franchise business model behind you.

Why Invest in an Edinburgh Coffee Shop?

When it comes to Scotland’s tourism, the city of Edinburgh takes centre stage. Edinburgh is one of the most popular destinations for those looking for a close, yet cultural, city break and is a great starting point for international travellers looking to explore Scotland.

It’s no wonder that Edinburgh receives over 4 million visitors each year, contributing £1.2 billion to its economy – an excellent opportunity for local startups to take advantage of.

Edinburgh’s coffee history goes back hundreds of years, with the city’s first coffee house opening in 1673, and it soon became an obsession amongst the local people! Since then, coffee has become the most in-demand beverage today, with locals, business workers, and tourists visiting the city daily.

The coffee culture in Edinburgh demonstrates an appreciation for speciality coffees and unique brewing methods. Establishing a coffee startup, such as an Esquires Coffee shop, that prioritises high-quality beans, skilled baristas, and a welcoming ambience will captivate the attention of Edinburgh’s vast, diverse, and dynamic market.

With 290,000 daily workers and so many people commuting into the city, a thriving tourism industry, cultural vibrancy, and around 55,000 students studying in Edinburgh with a love for coffee, there’s an abundance of opportunities to make your imprint on the coffee industry.

Coffee Franchises in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s coffee market is not just a trend. It’s a dynamic and ever-expanding industry with an impressive annual growth rate – the coffee industry contributes around £9.6 billion to the UK’s economy, and there’s plenty of success to be found in Scotland’s capital.

While Edinburgh already boasts around 580 coffee stores, and competition may seem high, the city’s demand for coffee remains immense and is only increasing. So, opening up your own coffee shop is a worthwhile investment into the industry, as you’ll cater to this growing number of people wanting a great cup of coffee. Plus, with the support and expertise of a franchise, you’re more likely to reap excellent results.

By choosing to work with Esquires instead of going on a solo venture, the odds of creating a successful coffee shop business have already increased. From the moment you apply for an Esquires Coffee shop, the team is on standby to help our franchisees with whatever they need.

Want to find out more about whether the franchise business model suits your coffee shop business idea? Visit our franchising FAQs.

Buying a Edinburgh Coffee Franchise

If you’re ready to take your next career step, Esquires Coffee is waiting for you!

As a reputable coffee shop franchise, Esquires prides itself on its ethical principles and community-focused mission.

If you’re aligned with our values and are interested in opening a single, multi, or regional franchise, fill out our form to apply. We hope to hear from you soon!