Why Invest in a Coffee Franchise in the East of England?

The coffee industry offers much scope for creative and passionate professionals. With an estimated contribution of £9.1 billion to the UK economy, why pass up the chance to become your own boss in this prosperous industry?

With so much to offer, we look at the advantages of franchising, why you should consider investing in a coffee shop franchise and why the East of England provides much scope for budding coffee entrepreneurs!

What is a Franchise?

Put simply; A franchise is a type of license which allows a party (franchisee), to have access to a business' (franchisor) knowledge, processes, systems and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell the products and provide the services under the business' name. In exchange for becoming part of the franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor a fee and royalties.

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Why Open a Franchise?

There are plenty of reasons to consider becoming part of a franchise. In comparison to starting a business from scratch, opening a coffee shop offers much more security.

With business methods and strategies tried and tested as well as providing access to a proven supply chain there is a feeling of safety that comes with a franchise.

Not only does a franchise offer a feeling of business security, but it also provides a form of emotional security. Starting a business from scratch can be incredibly daunting. However, with training provided and a network of other colleagues who can offer advice, you are not on your own.

Best of Both

Being a franchisee can feel like having the best of both worlds, as not only you do have the independence of being your own boss, you also have the support and expertise of other, possibly more experienced business associates.

For a more in-depth explanation of the advantages of opening a food franchise, take a look at our blog on the benefits of franchising with Esquires Coffee!

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Why Coffee?

The next aspect to consider is why invest in the coffee industry? There are an array of reasons to become part of the coffee community, and below, we look at a handful of examples!


There is no doubt about it; coffee is incredibly popular. Not only because of its taste but it is also sought after for its health benefits such as its recognition for increasing energy levels and boosting metabolism.

There is a massive difference in making a standard cup of coffee at home and indulging in one at a dedicated coffee shop. For some, it may feel like a treat, and for others, an absolute daily necessity!

Either way, coffee drinkers love it! The British Coffee Association reports that a whopping 80% of coffee shop drinkers visit a coffee establishment once a week at a minimum. Furthermore, 16% of those buy coffee once a day!

Social and Community Based

With so many people visiting coffee shops on a weekly (and daily) basis, being in charge of your own coffee establishment also offers the opportunity of providing a safe and communal space for your neighbourhood – becoming the neigbourhood café of choice!

Whether writing an essay, meeting friends or talking business, the reasons for visiting a coffee shop are endless! It acts as a hub for the community, and this is an exciting aspect of the coffee industry if you are considering investing. These repeat customers are integral to the success of coffee shops!

Green tea

More Than Coffee

A coffee shop doesn’t just have to offer coffee! There is plenty of scope for other amazing beverages as well as food! Whether providing brunch, sweet treats or a diverse menu for all to enjoy, there is a broad market of opportunity that comes alongside coffee.

Why Consider the East of England?

So why the East of England? Below, we review how the East of England can provide opportunities for coffee franchises.

Big Ben and the River Thames in London

Location to London

The main advantage of the East of England is its location. Not only is it vast in size, but it is also a popular place for commuters, as it is part of the London commuter belt.

Whether living in the area and commuting to London for work or coming from the city as a visitor from the countryside, many people pass through the East of England. Therefore, the franchise opportunities in London can be expanded to the surrounding areas including the East of England.

Space for Opportunity

As previously touched upon, there is much to the East of England. With six ceremonial counties within its areas, including Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk. Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, there is plenty of scope for opportunity.

Furthermore, it hosts some incredibly popular cities such as Cambridge, Norwich, St Albans and Peterborough. So it is a well populated area, with unique sites and the added attraction of being close to the capital city.

Affluent Area

The East of England is also renowned for its affluence, especially in the west and south-west of Essex. With a vast community of middle-class people and private schools, it is the perfect location for new businesses to grow. This is particularly true of the coffee business with the daily cup of coffee having become a staple requirement for the more affluent in our society.

Opportunities with Esquires Coffee

With the atmosphere of an independent coffee shop, our Esquires Coffee establishments are well received and are favoured for their sustainability and ethical ethos. For more information on the franchising opportunities with us in the East of England or any other area why not contact us today? We would love to discuss your options further.

Here at Esquires Coffee, not only do we provide franchise opportunities for a single store, but we can also go that one step further with master regional franchises, where you can develop a specific area. 

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