What Makes a Great Coffee Shop Manager?

The world of hospitality is incredibly diverse, changeable, sometimes stressful, but most importantly, exceedingly rewarding. As leaders and supporters, it is the task of those in management positions to ensure the entire operation runs smoothly.

A great manager must be sufficient and knowledgeable in business, in order to complete behind the scenes tasks and continue the daily running of the outlet.

However, aside from the technical aspects, there are several other vital qualities a manager must possess to run a successful coffee shop effectively.

At Esquires Coffee, we offer our franchisees a range of training programmes to help them understand the best way to run a successful coffee shop. If you are curious about how the franchising business model works, we explain more about it in our blog below:

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Creativity and Problem Solving

It is important to be creative to help inspire ideas that can help when it comes to solving problems. Managers are often put in a position where they must think quickly and methodically. As with any other business, problems will naturally occur during the daily operation of a coffee house. These problems can range from dealing with customer complaints to resolving issues regarding space or equipment. For example, as a coffee shop becomes busier, it may be necessary to come up with new ways of streamlining the counter service to improve efficiency.

worker in a coffee shop checking receipts

Prioritise Tasks

It is likely that there will always be a list of jobs to do, and some jobs are less important than others. A proficient manager knows how to list these tasks in order of priority to ensure the most important ones get done. For example, printing new menus and checking stock is infinitely more crucial than deciding which new artwork to hang on the wall.

Know How to Make Great Coffee

Unsurprisingly, it is a key skill of any great coffee shop manager, not only to make coffee to a high standard but to be knowledgeable of the product and industry as a whole. As a result, managers will have the skill and ability to train staff to the highest level effectively. This also ensures the standard of coffee is kept consistent, regardless of the time of day or who is making it. At Esquires Coffee, we offer extensive training programmes to all of our franchisees and managers. Not only are our coffee beans Fair-Trade, but they are also of the finest quality to help you make and sell the ultimate, delicious cup.

coffee machine equipment with coffee in them

Customer Service

Similarly, a manager that maintains a consistent level of exceptional customer service should also find it easier to inspire their staff to strive to a high standard. Customer service is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to customer satisfaction. So, a manager that values it and passes those values onto their staff will achieve better reviews and more returning trade. Exemplary customer service skills can also be beneficial when dealing with complaints which, as anyone who has worked in the industry will know, are almost unavoidable.

Develop, Respect and Train Staff

It is wise to remember that, as a manager, you are only as good as your team. A manager who has the ability to inspire their team will find the day to day running of their establishment becomes much smoother. Managers can inspire their team with a combination of constructive feedback, support, training and motivation. This may be in the form of reviews and staff initiatives, such as employee of the month. A manager who enjoys their job and displays confidence performing their roles and taking the lead will also find much better mutual respect within their team.

worker in a coffee shop smiling and making a coffee


Having a genuine enjoyment and love for your job can have an overall impact on wellbeing and, therefore, how you as a manager feel, act and behave. To achieve everything mentioned above, you must first have your own drive and motivation. If you have an interest in catering and a flair for talking to people, why not consider becoming your own boss and opening a coffee franchise? There are several advantages to franchising and choosing Esquires Coffee means you have the assurance of becoming part of a globally recognised brand.