How to Run a Successful Coffee Shop

It is a dream that has grown in popularity almost as quickly as the coffee business itself! Coffee shops have become such an important, vibrant and energetic part of their local community that the thought of being able to run our own, looking after all the wonderful people that make them what they are, is incredibly exciting.

Whilst great coffee shops will come across as relaxed houses full of warmth and character, behind the scenes a lot of work is put in to make the customer’s experience memorable. If you’re thinking about getting into the business, we've provided a break down of a UK coffee shop franchise cost

Think Business

As you will be in charge of your store and will need to deliver financial results, a good business mind is important. It comes down to effective planning, being organised and thinking ahead, nothing you couldn’t do with a good team to support you.

Before you open a store, you need a good location, a potential customer base and a USP that will bring customers to you. Plan ahead and make sure there is a potential revenue stream before going forward with opening your dream business. At Esquires Coffee, our experienced team will help you in all these aspects, supporting you to give you the best chance of opening a successful coffee shop! If you would like support in this regard, why not check out our blog that asks is franchising right for me?

Build Your Network

Many people have images of an independent coffee shop owner as someone who works in peaceful isolation, patiently brewing all day while conversing with a steady stream of guests. However, a successful coffee shop, much like any other business, relies on a string of external companies to keep it ticking along smoothly.

The relationship you have with other businesses and colleagues will go a long way to ensuring the longevity of your store. One of the most important links will be with your suppliers, whose goods – such as coffee beans – are vital to your business. Make sure you develop good relationships with your suppliers to ensure that in your time of need, they will be able to deliver. Esquires franchise owners benefit from increased purchasing power from reliable suppliers, allowing you to focus more of your effort in other areas.

Coffee beans falling out of a straw bag

Be Organised

One of the essential traits of any business owner is their ability to stay organised. As your coffee shop begins to grow, the number of tasks you need to keep on top of will increase with it, including planning and managing staff timetables, ingredient stocks and sales figures. The more organised you are, the more prepared you will be, helping you to make it more efficient and successful in the future!

Prepare for Rainy Days

Being organised plays a significant role in preparing for the future, which is hugely important for the longevity of any business. However, opening a new business rarely happens without a few issues, and despite your best efforts, factors outside your control may require some quick, forward thinking to resolve. In these instances, having extra resources saved up to combat unforeseen circumstances – such as a machine fault or a bad sales period – will ensure that your coffee shop continues to thrive throughout the good periods that will follow!

A cup of coffee by a window on a rainy day

Bring Your Personality

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a successful store, however, is the culture that you create. While a solid business plan and plenty of capital will help set the foundations for your store, it’s the style, charm and ambience of your location as well as your customer skills that will bring customers flowing through the doors. Remember, coffee shops become the heart of their local community, so embody that spirit and warmth and share it with your customers by doing what you love!

Here at Esquires, we love supporting our franchisers while also promoting their individuality, making them feel like independents. If you are looking for coffee franchises for sale, why not fill out an application by clicking on the link below today!

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