How to Add Flavour to Coffee Without Sugar

Sometimes we want that little something extra to add a little oomph to our coffee! As experts in the industry, our ethical coffee shops in the UK have much experience to share regarding coffee flavour pairings. Our guide shows you how to enhance your coffee with unique flavourings.

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You may have seen turmeric popping up as an additional flavouring in cafe drinks more recently. A vibrantly coloured spice that originates from South Asia, its zesty yet earthy tasting offers a unique twist in food and beverages.

It pairs well with coffee and provides a distinct dynamic quality to drinks that use hot milk. 

Pot of tumeric


Nutmeg can be added to your coffee in powder form or grated on top of your drink. It provides a little kick of flavour, which can replace the craving for sugary additions.

It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, especially connected to pain relief.


Similar in taste to cardamom, ginger provides a transformative taste to your coffee.

You can add either fresh ginger or a couple of spoonfuls of ginger powder to your coffee. If you are using fresh ginger, simply cut a few slices to add to your coffee grind before brewing.

Raw and ground ginger


Talking of cardamom, we might as well discuss it! It can be added as a flavouring to coffee by adding crushed cardamom pods as the coffee is simmering.


Cinnamon isn’t for everyone, but its unique flavouring is commonly paired with coffee. If you want sweetness, it provides it with a bang! It derives from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree, which is also known as an evergreen tree.

It is the go-to addition to add a sweet-tasting dimension to coffee for those at high risk of heart disease or diabetes.

Ceylon cinnamon tends to be the preferred form over Cassia cinnamon. To add it to your coffee, simply add a smidge of ground cinnamon to your coffee or allow a cinnamon stick to brew with the coffee while in the pot.

Cacao Nibs

You may be familiar with cocoa, but do you know about cacao nibs? Cacao nibs are the closest you can get to chocolate in its most natural form. It is the least processed chocolate product available. Cacao is roasted and then removed from its husks and reduced to smaller pieces to create cacao nibs.

Cacao nibs can add a bitter yet nutty flavour to our coffee. To infuse your coffee with its distinct flavour, just add half a teaspoon with the coffee beans in your coffee grinder for every two cups of coffee.

Which of our suggestions will you be adding to your coffee for extra flavouring? Why not share your thoughts with other coffee lovers on our social media channels; we would love to hear from you!