Latte Vs Flat White – What is The Difference Between These Two Drinks?

Coffee, in its many forms, is loved by many. With so many varieties,  it's no surprise that these days it can be hard to keep up with the different types of coffee that people enjoy, especially the difference between a latte and a flat white. So how are they different?

Latte Vs Flat White

A latte is presented with steamed milk and a layer of foamed milk on the top. Flat whites also have a layer of milk on top however it is a very thin 'flat' layer, making it much stronger than a latte due to its coffee-to-milk ratio.

What is a Latte?

If you are a newbie to the coffee world, lattes are the better suited coffee drink to try. It offers a velvety smooth texture, a weaker taste of coffee and a lot of creamy milk, creating a delicious brew to enjoy hot or iced. Many people order their lattes with added syrups and sweeteners which can be fun to experiment with when just starting your coffee journey or if you're just looking to switch things up.

What is a Flat White?

Most people know the flat white as a no-nonsense drink. With its strong taste of coffee, still containing dairy products, flat whites are perfect for those who love coffee and enjoy the bitter taste. They have become very popular over the past couple of years due to them being a 'basic coffee without the fluff'. Flat whites are served with two espressos and a little amount of milk, making it stronger in flavour, perfect for hard core coffee consumers.

barista holding a cupIs There a Difference in Size?

There is a very obvious difference in size between the two. Flat whites are often served in a glass but it is also common for them to be served in a small mug which usually holds around 160ml, whereas lattes are usually served in mugs that hold around 240ml. The reason for them being different sizes is all down to the milk quantity as they both contain the same amount of espresso.

Latte Vs Flat White: Which Coffee Should I Pick?

Both drinks are delicious, there isn't one that is better than the other, it is purely down to personal preference.

If you are into the taste of strong bitter coffee, the flat white may be the one for you as lattes have a weaker flavour, perfect for those who enjoy the caffeine but prefer a less intense taste.

Lattes are great for sipping on for longer amounts of time due to the fact that they are served in larger quantities. Whereas flat whites tend to get colder much quicker as they are served much smaller.

latte art being poured

We hope this guide answers your questions about how these two popular coffee drinks are different and which one you should order when you next go out for coffee or visit one of our UK coffee shops.

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