COVID-19 Update: What We Can All Do to Help

UPDATE: Following the advice from the government, all Esquires Coffee shops are currently closed.

In turbulent times it is more important than ever to come together as a community, help others and, essentially, not panic. At the time of writing, Esquires Coffee stores are continuing to operate as normal. We understand the importance of community and sharing sensible and factual information as well as taking reasonable precautions to protect our staff and customers. Here are some ways you can help.

NB – As recommended by the UK government, if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of either high temperature or a new continuous cough, you should self-isolate for two weeks. Use extra precautions if you live with a vulnerable individual. For more advice and guidance, please visit:

Shop Local

With precautionary measures now expected to last several months, now is the time to support your local area and support smaller businesses as much as possible. It is predicted that small businesses will be put under an immense amount of strain over the coming months and, as consumers, it is our responsibility to support them.

Instead of using big chains, pay a visit to your local coffee shop, gym or convenience store, ensuring you use the government recommended precautions. Many Esquires Coffee outlets are independently owned and will be doing what they can to support the community.

Limit Contact by Ordering Ahead

Check to see if where you are going offers a pre-order or takeaway service, so as to limit contact through waiting time. At present, most of our stores are offering this service via telephone and email and are looking into other ways to provide this feature. To find contact details, simply search Google for your closest Esquires Coffee.

person pouring a coffee with latte art

Avoid Stockpiling and Help Others

While it may be necessary to ensure you have a sensible amount of food supplies in your home, try to avoid stockpiling as this fuels panic and puts others at risk. Instead, help others, particularly older people, by offering to purchase them food supplies or organising food deliveries for them.


If you are stuck at home, check if the local businesses in the area are offering a delivery service. In light of recent events, many outlets are offering this service as a new feature. Some wholesalers are also offering home deliveries for essentials. Facebook is a useful tool to find out more information and contact companies.

What Precautions are Restaurants and Cafes Taking?

Without a forced closure notice from the government, many restaurants, bars and cafes are staying open or risk financial ruin. Most of them are, however, taking reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the general public. For example, Esquires have suspended the use of reusable cups to reduce the risk of contamination. Furthermore, we have adopted a no handshake policy and encourage our customers to stand a safe distance of one meter apart when queueing. We are asking our customers to pay contactless where possible, and all of our staff members are required to wash their hands every hour or more.

person paying with contactless in a cafe

As one of the top 10 coffee franchises, community spirit is at the heart of our ethos, and as such, Esquires Coffee will continue to do what it can to protect our local areas. Remember, help others and try not to panic. If things are getting too much, take a break from the news and call a friend or family member. We are in this together and we will get through it if we work together.