Coffee World Records

Both globally and in the UK, the coffee industry continues to grow to new heights. It’s no surprise, therefore, that when you type ‘coffee’ into the Guinness World Records website, you will find no fewer than 900 results returned. From oversized and big budget brews to the weird and wonderful, we have chosen our top picks of coffee-related world records.

A guide to types of coffee drinks

Largest Cup of Coffee

This year the Colombian city of Chinchina built the world’s largest coffee cup capable of holding a massive 22,739 litres. The city later went on to host the largest coffee tasting from the cup and two other similar ones where 1559 participants sipped samples. The cup will remain in the city’s centre as an attraction.

If you prefer the cold version, the largest cup of iced coffee was made in the Republic of Korea and contained 14,228.1 litres of iced black americano.

Largest Tiramisu

On the 24th of May 2015 in Italy the record was broken for the world’s largest tiramisu. Weighing in at a massive 3,015 kg, it contained 625 kilograms of cream and over 750 litres of coffee (that’s 2142 cups)! After the record was awarded, spectators got to taste the edible spectacle.

Most Expensive Coffee Pod

Start-up company Medano Coffee Pte Ltd created the most expensive coffee pod. The pods, which cost 77.60 Singaporean dollars (£43.65 GBP) each, are made from the highest quality King Jantan peaberry coffee beans and 22-carat gold dust. This combination, they say, creates a flavour much richer than regular coffee. The pods are limited edition, and the proceeds are donated to charity.
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Largest Coffee Cup Pyramid

It took 12 people 48 hours and 23,821 paper cups to create the world’s largest coffee cup pyramid. Assembled by hand in India, the team completed the structure on 26th September 2016.

Largest Transforming Human Image

What happens when you cross coffee, art and 5,445 people? In Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates P.A. Ibrahim Haji organised the image which depicted a coffee pot which filled into a coffee cup when the participants moved.

Largest Coffee Shop

In the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia sits the magnificent Al Masaa Café and, with 1,050 seats, it broke the world record for the largest coffee shop when it opened in 2014. The café boasts views of the city and a selection of food, cakes, teas and, of course, coffee.

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Longest Journey by a Coffee Powered Car

Cars can run on coffee? Apparently so! In March 2010 ‘Car-puccino’ drove the 337km from London to Manchester powered only by coffee. The modified engine works by heating coffee grounds until they split into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The hydrogen is then separated by cooling, and combusted to drive the engine.

Most Coffee Beans Moved with Chopsticks in One Minute

One of the somewhat stranger entries, serial record breaker Silvio Sabba moved a total of 48 coffee beans in one minute, only using chopsticks! He achieved the record in Milan, Italy in August 2017.

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