Coffee Shop Trends for 2020

At Esquires Coffee chain UK, we’re all about staying on top of the latest coffee industry trends. Each year, we identify hot topics and key developments that will shape the way we drink coffee. Health and sustainability are the topics on everyone’s lips, and both are set to seriously shape the way we think and feel about not just coffee shops, but a much broader range of industries. Here are the next big things predicted to happen in 2020.

Coffee Shop Design

The way that people use coffee shops is changing, and it’s expected to reform the way they are designed. In a world that is increasing in pace, coffee shops must think about how they can engage customers and encourage them to embrace their ethos and brand. Convenience is still crucial, but design is becoming more and more important in encouraging customers to choose one outlet over another.

Trends in Coffee Shops

Instagrammable – Colour pallets and unique interior design and features will help the continuous growth of lifestyle blogging.

Multi-Purpose – As more individuals opt for remote working environments, coffee shops must meet the demand. This means creating new ways to cater simultaneously to those looking for great Wi-Fi and working environment, while still being attractive to the more traditional coffee shop clientele.

Sustainability – The coffee industry is reacting to consumers’ demand for taking better care of the planet. In design, this means carefully choosing materials and techniques that limit the use of natural resources and environmental impact.

house plants in coffee shop with tables and chairs

Plant-Based Products

The vegan movement is set to reign strong in 2020. It is now usual to find vegan options and milk alternatives in modern coffee shops. High-speed vegan products to take away are predicted to increase in variety and popularity. At Esquires Coffee, we offer a range of delicious take away vegan snacks, including our popular vegan sausage roll and porridge made with your favourite alternative milk.

Healthy Coffee

Wellness is sweeping the nation, and more people are becoming consciously aware of the effects of food and drink on their health.

Cafe Trends 2020

A shift in the way we see diets and healthy eating means that people are now more focused on what they are eating rather than what they are not. It means that consumers are looking for menus that contain high levels of protein with the addition of a good source of vitamins and minerals. The trend will extend as far as coffee drinks, with coffee infused with beetroot, turmeric and mushroom expected to be a big hit. Keto coffee is also becoming popular. Also known as bulletproof coffee, the rise in keto and paleo diets has prompted the development of butter or coconut-infused coffee, creating a high-fat, low-carb drink.

two coffees with latte art surrounded by green plants


Not stopping at materials and design, the demand for eco-consciousness will need to be satisfied when it comes to food, drinks and the packaging they come in. It is expected that there will be an increased demand for locally-sourced produce that has a lower impact on the environment. Continuing from the movement to reduce plastic waste, biodegradable food packaging for take away products will become commonplace.

red apples hanging on tree with green leaves

Sparkling Water

The demand for sparkling water has grown considerably in recent years. The theory for the jump in growth is that it is becoming more popular among those who are taking more responsibility towards their health (often placed in the millennial bracket). Fizzy water satisfies the demand for carbonated drinks, without the sugars or artificial sweeteners.

If you would like to be part of a forward-thinking global coffee chain franchise, contact Esquires Coffee today. Our brand, which is one of the top 10 coffee franchises, focuses on its ethical ethos, valuing Fair-Trade coffee, organic produce and sustainable business practices. Our coffee shops feel independent while benefitting from the buying power and consumer loyalty of a brand.