What Makes a Good Franchise Owner?

For many people, franchising is the perfect way to start running their own business. By joining an established brand and company, you can benefit from its buying power and customer loyalty while also having the freedom to control your day-to-day operations. This unique balance of support and freedom, promotion and individuality, makes franchising an excellent decision for many business owners.

However, the unique nature of this agreement means that specific characteristics are needed in franchise owners, more so than in those that run their own businesses. If you are interested in the idea of joining an established coffee franchise like Esquires Coffee, then check out these key traits that any successful franchise owner needs.

1. Commitment

Whilst joining a franchise will help substantially towards making a positive start with your business, it’s rare that significant success happens overnight. As with any store, your franchise will take time to become an established part of the community.

it’s important to be fully committed to the franchise brand and have belief in the company you have chosen to join. Pick a franchise that matches your ambitions and values – for example, if sustainability and ethical trading is important to you, then Esquires Coffee is a great match. We establish lasting relationships with all of our franchisees, supporting them to ensure they reap the rewards of their patience and commitment in the long term.

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2. Work Well as Part of a Team

One of the most vital characteristics of a successful franchise store owner is their ability to work well as a team in terms of operating the store, but also to remember that you are joining a larger, established company that has developed business methods. This teamwork mentality is a great asset, ensuring you can work collaboratively with an established brand such as Esquires Coffee, benefitting from its years of experience and market knowledge. Many of the systems already in place have been tried and tested, saving franchisees from making any costly mistakes.

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3. Business Savvy

Good business sense means you’re able to filter the good decisions and ideas from the less sensible ones, in order to do what’s best for your business. Whether you’re opening a brand-new store or a franchise, business experience and industry knowledge will go a long way to negotiating the pitfalls of day-to-day business operations.

This need for sound business knowledge is another reason why franchising is becoming an ever-more popular option for business owners who are just starting out in the industry. Here at Esquires Coffee, our Operations Team will provide ongoing support to your store, helping you to overcome any hurdles with the backing of many years of experience in the industry. This gives franchisees the confidence they need to succeed.

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4. Boundless Enthusiasm

There are few things more exciting than running your own business – that’s probably why you’re reading this article! You will be surprised how far your enthusiasm for the project can take you regarding making a success of your franchise. We want to work with people who are just as excited about coffee as we are, and this enthusiasm will help make your store your own, bringing energy to motivate the staff around you and also inspiring your growing customer base.

5. Organisational Skills

Required to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your business, excellent organisational skills are vital for success. While established franchises like Esquires will help create systems to make your store more efficient, you will still be required to ensure operations run smoothly each day. Being well organised is not only good business practice but it will also help you relax and enjoy operating your store, knowing that everything is checked and in order.

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These are some of the key traits found in all successful franchise owners. If you are considering franchise opportunities, then Esquires Coffee could be the perfect coffee shop for you. With a sustainable ethos and community spirit, our stores become the life of their communities, and you could be a part of it! If you want to know more about the unique nature of franchising, why not check out our blog below?

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