Surprising Facts About Avocado

It’s fair to say that the humble avocado enjoys plenty of time in the culinary limelight. Delicious and healthy, one thing that makes it so popular is its versatility in that it goes with a huge range of ingredients and dishes.

At Esquires Coffee, we are big fans, which is why our menu features avocado options for both brunch and lunch. Here are some surprising facts that you didn’t know.

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Avocado is a Fruit

Here’s one for you. Did you know that the avocado is actually a fruit? Botanically speaking, its large seed and fleshy pulp are characteristic of a large berry. It also develops from a plant’s flower, in this case, the avocado tree, another criterion that puts it in the fruit category.

An Avocado Contains More Potassium Than a Banana

While bananas are well known for their high potassium content, one avocado contains almost double the amount of potassium of a large banana.

Mexico is the Top Avocado Producer

In 2017, Mexico produced 36% of the world’s avocados where it is thought the fruit originated from. The country’s tropical climate suits the trees, and it is estimated that Mexico produces around 1.5 million tons of avocado a year. The top producing states include Puebla, Morelos and Michoacán.

green avocado hanging from a tree

The Spanish Were the First Europeans to Taste Avocado

In the 16th century, Spanish explorers landed in Mexico where they were the first Europeans to discover the soft, green fruit. It is also believed that the Spanish were responsible for introducing the tree to parts of South America.

It Has Many Different Aliases

When they first became commercially available in the US, the avocado was initially marketed as the ‘alligator pear’. In the UK, supermarket giant M&S claims to be the first to bring the fruit to our shelves in 1968 where it was sold as the ‘avocado pear’, which reportedly caused some confusion. It would take many years before it became widely accepted by Brits.

The shortened term ‘avo’ is used widely in Australia and South Africa. In France, it is called ‘avocat’ which also means lawyer, and in some parts of India it is referred to as ‘butter fruit’.

Celebrities Growing Avocados is a Big Thing

Actors Tom Selleck and Jamie Foxx have both added ‘avocado farmer’ to their already impressive CV’s.

Avocado Art

The avocado has become so ingrained in our culture’ avocado carving’ is an art form. People carve intricate designs using the flesh and stone. Pretty neat.

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Avocados Are Packed With Nutrients

Okay, so this one you may know, as the nutrient-rich qualities of the avocado are part of its reason for success after being added to the superfood category. For a fruit, it is unusually high in protein, as well as containing fibre, omega three fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E.

Guacamole and Crips Started at the Super Bowl

Guacamole, which is primarily made from smashed avocado, has been a Mexican favourite for years, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that some smart thinking Californian avocado farmers came up with an idea to help them sell their product. ‘Chips and dip’ are a staple when watching American football, so the farmers targeted the Super Bowl as the place to encourage people to try guacamole.

Their marketing was a success, and it is estimated that more than 47 million kilos of guacamole are enjoyed on Super Bowl Sunday alone.

avocado shell filled with guacamole and a crisp

China Loves Avocados

In China, the popularity of avocado is on the rise. In 2017, the country imported over 32,000 tonnes which is over 1,000 times the 2011 number.

You Can Get Stoneless Avocados

Stop the press! It is now possible to buy an avocado that doesn’t contain the big, inner stone. While much rarer, it is the result of unpollinated blossom and causes quite a stir amongst enthusiasts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these facts! Let us know your favourite avocado recipes and combinations in the comments!

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